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Been feeling rubbish all day with worsening hayfever, eyes and nose itching and streaming like mad and both quite red now, sneezing, sore throat and headachy. My chest has been feeling a little bit tight/heavy most of the day so have been taking ventolin to ease it, but thought I was ok really breathing wise until I got home from work and looked in the mirror and saw that I was using accessory muscles and sucking in at neck/shoulders. Much better now with ventolin and been indoors for a while too.

I have cetirizine, beconase and eye drops for my hayfever (cetirizine and beconase prescribed for both hayfever and asthma prevention). I also have montelukast for my asthma which has improved my hayfever symptoms a little. Is there anything else I can add or do to help? I do things like use Vaseline in my nostrils, change clothes, wash hair, keep windows shut (which drives other half mad). I can't really avoid the outdoors though as that's where my job is, although I will avoid working in the evenings at this time of year.

Appologies for moaning, but feeling a bit sorry for myself.

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I don't really get hay fever, but what I do for my allergy stuff is one citirizine morning and night, plus montelukast at night and then PRN piriton (4-6hrly) and that combo keeps me reasonably sane. Not sure if that kind of system works for everyone but for my having a high dose of antihistamine and then having PRN stuff which I can take if desperate works really well for me. The piriton makes me sleepy as do most of the quick acting ones so I do avoid them but it means I have something and frankly I'm always sleepy anyway so I may as well not also itch! Obvs depends on the individual, but it's something you could discuss with GP!

I think Laura mentioned something about being able to take high doses of citirizine but its not licensed for use as it is sold as ""non-drowsy"" so your doc may be able to prescribe you a higher dose if you find it works well for you, but it may make you sleepy! I assume you've tried decode adding 180mg? I think there is no point in mixing and matching antihistamines (think my GP said something about that but I may be wrong) so worth finding what works and sticking with it! Hope you feel better soon! Xxx


I was about to post about exactly the same thing so I can't offer any advice though, only sympathy.

It sounds as if you take similar to me (except I take Fexofenadine and Avayms). I have been known to take Piriton PNR (although it was technically prescribed as emergency treatment for a nut allergy) but like Soph says it can make you drowsy. I presume you have tried different antihistamines too. I was told to try Cetirizine last year as I had been on Fexofenadine a long time and it has been suggested that changing regularly is effective - I must say that I do prefer to sticking to what works and soon went back to Fexofenadine. I recently changed my nasal spray as it is the one preferred by ENT at my local hospital and found it helped improve slightly.

I've been outside much of the weekend and am really feeling it now. I asked a pharmacist for advice yesterday (knowing I was in an outdoor concert today) but she said that she couldn't even recommend adding the Piriton. Think I will be phoning GP for some telephone advice tomorrow (the last time I asked them about hay fever directly, I got the good old advice of ""try to avoid pollen"" and a talk about how the pollen in particularly tricky at the moment) as my PND is really irritating my throat/making my chest tight and I have only just finished my 4th course of pred this summer!

Sorry I realise that I probably haven't been much help here - hopefully my GP will be able to help me out tomorrow!

Take care


I invested in a box of FP3 filter masks - bought them on amazon. They filter all pollen. I haven't used them that often, but was inspired by the fact that I'm often better in our car during pollen season - and our car has air-con with a really good pollen filter.

Anyway - the masks work - and I find that having a break even for a few hours is useful.



I was told by my GP/cons (can't remember which now - I currently have NO brain!!!) that you are able to take upto 60mg citerizine, but they can't guarantee at this dose that its non drowsy. I am not however medically trained and this is advice that I was given - so I am not recommending that you follow it ;-) and just backing up what soph said!

Hope things improve for you soon though!!! It's not good feeling that you don't have as much control as you would like to have! I also think that there are alot of us struggling with the pollen etc - I certainly am,y asthma has never been so out of control. Currently on my 6th admission in 3.5 weeks.

Laura x



Sorry to hear ur have a bad time with ur hayfever.

I too suffer with it quite badly with hayfever and dust allergy it can really get you down!

Iam currently attending the RVH in Belfast too see an immunologist who comes from London.

After confirming all my allergys by skin prick and blood tests I was put on Telfast 180mg upto twice per day piritin and atarax at night with my montilukist so far this is keeping it at bay.

Hope u feel better soon


I have also been very bad with my hay fever and asthma, for my hay fever I take Fexofenadine 180mg, Nasonex Nasal Spray, Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops. I do take Singulair at night but that is part of my asthma treatment but it really has helped me loads.

I hope you start to feel better soon.


Thanks everyone. Think I might have to go back to GP and ask if piriton might be good or if he's got other suggestions, shame as I was there on Friday. Already take 2 cetitrizine a day and have tried fexofenadine in the past with no success, might be worth trying again as I only had the 120mg last time. Lungs being stroppy so and sos with the hayfever.

Lots of sympathy and empathy for all others struggling with hayfever and asthma atm, hugs.

Laurs, gutted to hear that you're back in again, you must be so frustrated and scared with how unstable your asthma is atm. Really hope they can get you more stable very soon. How are you getting on with the theophylline?


Lou - missed this post earlier. Sorry to hear you are suffering so much from allergies. No ideas to help. Just sympathy and hoping things improve for you.


Allergies are better now thanks, have an extra cetirizine to help for a short time. I have a mild chest infection now though so lungs have been playing up a bit, not badly, just a bit annoying/limiting.


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