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Unexpected flare up :(

Hi everyone,

Posting as I feel a bit sorry for myself tonight :( had a few days of being slightly out of breath/ a cough and wheeze today. This evening it got so bad the paramedics had to come out and I've been on a nebulizer and started pred again. First time id ever needed a nebulizer, i feel like my asthma got out of control too quickly for me to do anything. It was really scary.

Very tired now and got bad shakes (from the neb I guess?) so going to try and sleep. Sorry for the bad typing, .

Hugs needed please :( sorry for complaining.p

Hope all are as well as possible. Lots of love x

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Geina x


no need to apologize for ""complaining"". It sounds like you had really rough evening. difficulty breathing is not fun! So yet more ((hugs)) coming your way.


oh that's not good :( Hope you're feeling better now! I think the first time paramedics come has got to be a scary experience and being put on pred is not good - I hope you're not on it for long and feeling better soon.


I hope you're feeling better now and managing to get your head around things. It's a scary thing to go through, so lots of gentle hugs.


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