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Calling all teachers!!!

I'd like to get something by way of thank you for my kids teachers/TA's, between both kids, there's 5 teachers. Any advice/suggestions what I can get? Chocolate and wine is a bit predictable, I'd like something different. I know I don't really have to get anything, I certainly never took anything when I was a kid!

I had thought that hobby craft do little sew your own animals for £2 that could be made into keyrings/hanging toys with 'teacher' ribbon, that the kids could make themselves (they're 5&6)?????

What are the best and worst presents you've ever received?

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Hi Butterfly,

I think that sounds lovely. I don't expect a gift from the children by any means but the homemade ones are the ones that I really treasure. I've had key rings, bookmarks, decorated fabric bags, wooden small desk drawers which were decorated by the child and I use all of them. I think it is really sad some parents feel the need to buy expensive gifts and can make teachers feel uncomfortable too. I can't say there is a worst gift but gift vouchers can be quite awkward to receive. On a similar note, when I left a school last years it was the photo frame made by every child I had taught who was still at the school (there were about 150 altogether) which I really appreciated and brought a tear to my eye!


Aw, the picture frame sounds really nice! I would have cried, im soppy like that!

The kids liked the idea of making something so I'll nip to hobby craft tomorrow and see what there is.

Yeah most parents don't go for expensive at our school but get wine and chocolates, which is lovely but by the 30th bottle/box, I can imagine it gets a little overwhelming!

Thank you for your advice! Xxx


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