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Asthma holding me back from jobs

Hi guys!

I'm a 22 year old female and have had Asthma since birth; it's been classed as serious since I was 12.

Anyway I'm constantly ill with my Asthma which then leads onto colds, sickness ect. Every time I go for a job interview I'm either sniffling, coughing or just blatantly ill not to mention I am on my way to a 5th chest infection since January.... If I get past the interview stage and into a trial/ probation period I'm soon let go.

I'm in real need of some advice!

Other information:

I do have a job at the moment (7 hours a week) and cannot afford to live off the so little wage. They have known me for three years and so are used to be by now.

I see a specialist every three months.

I take Singulair, Blue inhaler and the Purple inhaler

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Hi Ruthus and welcome!

Have to say that sounds like a rubbish situation - not that it will help you much probably, but massive sympathy from me. Do you know the specific reason for being let go - is it having too much time off during the probation period, or poor performance? I had this in a previous job, wasn't let go luckily but I wasn't doing too well on a performance review which I found frustrating as I hated knowing I was doing it badly and felt really rubbish and lazy. Part of it I think was just that I wasn't very good at the job (it was a stopgap, not something I wanted to be doing at all but I needed a job), but I also think lack of sleep and feeling a bit rubbish meant I wasn't on top of things - the job was admin and required you to remember things and keep track and do them on time and it was exactly the sort of skllls that go when I've not had enough sleep and am not feeling with it! I never told my boss about being ill, she found out much later and was a bit shocked as she was actually pretty nice and I think would have handled it differently if she'd known instead of just thinking I was a bit useless (even though I probably was unsuited to the job as well).

Asking this because while it's obviously different in the probationary period, I'm wondering if they have always had completely legitimate and above-board reasons for letting you go (or are they not required to explain? I am hazy on employment law so just throwing ideas out) If you felt there had been anything dodgy about the way it was handled it might be worth finding out what your rights are re illness so that you're better equipped to deal with things next time and can potentially argue your case if there is one.

Have you discussed all this (chest infections, poor control) with your consultant, and have they tried changing anything? I'm assuming that with all these infections you've been on and off oral steroids as well (in my experience, this in no way helps with feeling alert and ready to work). It does sound like what you're on atm is really not doing the trick and something needs to change. When do you next see your consultant? If it's not for a while it would probably be worth making an appt with your GP to talk things through. I'd also suggest giving the AUK adviceline a ring (number top left) as they can be very helpful not just on the medical side of things (suggestions for controlling your asthma) but also on the practicalities; I've not needed to discuss jobs with them but I know they are good about realising asthma impacts your daily life as well.

I hope this helps a bit...good luck! I'm sure other people will probably know more about this situation but just thought I'd throw out a few things that occurred to me.


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