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Sore Throat - PND, cough and inhaler


Like many people, I've found my hayfever really bad this year and have been suffering with this and then this causes problems with my asthma. Was just thinking I had got a bit of control back again and now back on pred after visit to OOH yesterday (armed with my new action plan).

Anyway, one problem that I always find is that when my asthma and allergies are bad, I get a really irritated throat. I think it is a good sign that this is bothering me rather than been SOB etc but it is starting to get iannoying. I know it is not an infection (checked by doc last night and today) but my throat is very red, sore and my voice quite husky. I think this is due to the fact I get pnd but also cough is my main symptom. I find drinking coke helps relieve it but I hate coke. My GP suggested a spray which numbs the throat but then looked and it said not suitable for asthmatics. Does anyone else suffer from this problem and have found something that helps soothe it?

Many thanks

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My ENT suggested gargling with salt water once a day and also drinking lots of water and/or sucking on hard candies to keep throat lubricated.

I found that the gargling with salt water really helped with PND gung that was making it really hard for me to breathe whilst coughing.

To make salt water: 1 teaspoon in a glass - pour it in a bottle and use as needed


Yes I get voice issues with allergies too but haven't found a way of helping it yet.


Thank you for your replies. I will try the salt water as I have heard that before and can feel the gunk building up too. I do drink A lot of water anyway (fill my 500ml bottle up at least 4/5 times while at work and then drinks in the morning and when home.

Spookymillo - I was afraid this may be the case. I've put up within for a long time as it does seem the least of the problems but after six weeks it is getting slightly annoying.


I do have the dequacaine throat spray (its FOUL) but it does numb the throat. It doesnt play my asthma up (you can buy it over the counter). If thats no good, go to a chemist and ask for dequacaine lozenges. Make sure you get dequaCAINE and not dequadin. They are also very good and do numb the throat well. Nothing worse than a sore throat, hope you feel better soon


Thank you for the reply. I was going to give salt water a good go but then needed to be on top form at work (where I talk all day) and so got the spray. It was amazing-like you said numbs the throat (it is a bit strange if you get it on the tongue though!) I am still a bit husky but I can see my throat is really irritated from coughing and there is still the pnd (which is proving difficult to sort out). I' sure why my doctor didn't want me to have the spray as this was fine.


Salt water is something my mum swears by for a sore throat & it does really help. But it makes me retch, especially if I'm already feeling unwell. An alternative she also used to give me for sore throats as a child was gargling 1 dissolved disprin tablet (I'm not allergic to aspirin) It was still bad tasting but it didn't make me retch like salt and water.

PND really can make asthma a misery.

Hope you get some relief from your sore throat soon.


Glad it's helped Kayla :)


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