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5 puffs?

I've done a small triathlon today (and a dancing lesson hehe but that's not part of this post)

After the event i was struggling a lot (and i had taken my inhaler before i started), i took my inhaler when i finihsed - the standard 2 puffs then added another cos i was still bad. It took a while to get back to the changing room and when i did get back, one of my mates (Julie) was talking to a marshall that she knew outside. i don't *think* Julie said anything about me but as soon as i tried to speak (i also lost my voice) the lady said to me ""where's your inhaler?!"" I looked at her a bit surprised and Julie said ""you're ok she's a GP"" haha

She asked me had i taken my inhaler and i said i'd had 3 puffs since i finished so she told me to have another 2 right then! She said in their practice they recommend 5 puffs straight away in an acute excacerbation / attack, she said ""you'll probably shake but you'll be ok""

I've not heard of that before, i thought the standard was 2 puffs straight away and then 1 per minute up to a total of 10 if necessary. I think the extra 2 did help my breathing but i've still got no voice LOL

I'm also up to about 12 puffs in total today - mainly self-inflicted but never mind, hopefully tomorrow will be better (although i'm expecting the church to be smelly with paint :-( and i *might* be going running wth a friend and a dog - yes i'm a nutter LOL)

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I love reading your posts jinglfairy and hearing your achievements! Well done!

I have never heard of the 5 puff idea... interesting.


I tend to take at least 4 and usually 6 or more - via a spacer. Basically when I'm struggling the first couple of puffs really don't get anywhere near the base of my lungs - they just open up the top so that the next few puffs get down where the real action is.

But anyway... triathlon? *impressed face*


Thanks guys but i think it sounds more impressive than it actually is - it's only a small triathlon

150m swim

5km bike (on horrible lumpy grass)

2.5km run

@JF - achievements?? you mean madness surely hahahaha

@curiouser, i think i know what you mean about the first puffs not reaching where they should, i think i had that today but didn't have a spacer with me during the event / on the way back to the changing rooms so it was a case of 5 puffs under orders straight in my mouth LOL


well done on the triathlon (no matter how ""small"") I'm super impressed. It's on my bucket list...

Which has 2 of the challenges already crossed off LOL.

Geina x


oohhh what are they? (the ticked off ones)

I haven't got a bucket list, i tried to start one a while ago and realised there's not that much i *really* want to do but haven't yet.

I couldn't do a full triathlon - the distances are enormous!! but the one i do calls itself ""the largest community triathlon in the uk"" it's good fun but really hard work (every year i end up voiceless and coughing constantly)


I have a list of things I want(ed) to do.... It might get changed or added to as people and life throw me new challenges.

Complete Race for Life in under 1hr

46mins, partly jogged

Complete 2hrs 30mins Zumbathon


Mini Adventure Burn

5th October- providing I can get a partner/team together


Need to find a local, easy-ish one! I started thinking about it when I started jogging!

Kayak 1star award

Well, I'm learning to kayak!

I got suckered into the zumbathon by my sister, who's been trying to get me to zumba for years!

Geina x


ooohhh i like that list :-)

I wouldn't be interested in zumbathon, i went to 2 classes and was bored LOL

Whereabouts are you in the country? Are you anywhere near Liverpool for the triathlon that i do?

I like the sound of your kayaking :-)


Heh I HATED the first Zumba class I did! But then I said I'd do the event for a local special needs school so went to a few different people's classes and found one that clicked!

I'm in SW Wales- a town called Llanelli that no one has ever heard of LOL. We do have a triathlon and several other events round us- including the Great Welsh Marathon (that's next year now), several 5ks too, including the Welsh Championships in August.

Liverpool is only 4hrs and 2 trains away-same sort of journey time as going to London.

Geina x


we have been told by our doctor to give as many puffs as required, when required, (to my 4yr old daughter). And that there's no chance of overdosing, it'll just make you shakey and possible headache.


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