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Side effects of uniphylline


I just wondered what people's experinces of uniphylline are?

I started it as a trial last week and love the effect it is having on my lungs, however I don't particularly like the side effects. I have cyclizine to help with the sickness.

It concerns me that if I am sick as a result of the uniphylline I will end up back in hospital as I won't be able to keep the maintenance pred etc down? I would love to have a period of relative stability!

Thanks, Laura :-)

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Hi Laura,

I'm not on it but in the past pred has made me very sick (bizarrely they found it was the red coated ones that caused it even though they are meant to be better). When I expressed concern about this, I was quite surprised by how little time they needed to be absorbed so it wasn't considered a problem if I was sick an hour or so after. Obviously this is just on my memory (and with a short but high dose course) but I would speak to a doc/nurse about it as it may be that you are ok.

Sorry I can't be much more help. My GP referred me as he thought I would benefit from it but my cons isn't keen as I have a high rate. I hope you can find a solution if it is helping your lungs. From the sound of it, you deserve a bit more stability.

Take care


I love the effect it has on my lungs too.

I don't really suffer any side effects now, except that I'm a bit more prone to shakes than I was before it.

At first though I felt pretty awful. I felt sick a lot and had a lot of discomfort generally through my digestive system, I think part of the problem was that the leaflet says to take it with a glass of water, but when I looked at the dispensing lable it said to take with or just after food. This makes a big difference, don't know if you're doing tht already. I've also found that it's eased more if I take it with a small glass of milk. The nausea also eased as I got used to it after a couple weeks. I also had awful headaches, but again my body got used to it and that settled too. Same with increased heart rate.

I remember spending a lot of the time trying not to be sick when I first started Uniphyllin in January and I was still on Pred and being sick triggers my asthma too. Hopefully the cyclizine will do it's job for you. I seem to remember from other posts that you're already on Omeprazol.

Hopefully the Uniphyllin will give you some stability and the side effects dissappear as your body gets used to it. You deserve it with the real rough time you've had recently. x


Thanks for that :-) Kayla that's reassured me. I am very anti hospital at the moment, so would be upset if I ended up in because I couldn't keep the pred down!

Lou, its good your side effects have gone :-) I can just about cope with them short term and if it gives me more long term control I'd be happy :-)

The recent period has been a nightmare, but determined to enjoy when I'm good :-) I think I could cope with horrendous admissions if I'm good inbetween.


Laura x


I haven't noticed any side effects except for the shakes which symbicort and ventolin cause too so can live with that. I always take immediately after food too. I love the immediate improvement it gives me too!


If you find the side effects too much you could ask for a lower dose, get used to that and then increase ..

I use Uniphyllin 300mg twice a day.... OK most of the time though beware some antibiotics such as erythromycin and Clarythromycin will elevate the levels and make you feel pukey.


This link might be useful as it has more info on Uniphyllin than the PIL (patient information leaflet)

It helped me understand how it works and also the interactions with many other drugs.


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