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Seretide Question/opinions please?

We just had an appointment with my daughter's doctor and have been given Seretide to trial for 2 weeks with her.

The doc said it isn't licensed for under 5's (she was 4 in Feb past), so I'm a bit unsure about it. I have seen some of you mention your child being on it, and I'm sure they are pre-schoolers. Any side effects or anything to watch out for?

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Anyone please? I've seen some of you post about children on seretide but can't figure out the search on this site so I can read up on them :(



My daughter has been on seritide since she was 3 - I didn't have any concerns with this as she was already taking the same medication between the orange and green inhalers the seritde is just a combination of preventer and long acting reliever. Just meant she didn't have to sit there for quite so many puffs poor lamb as between those and the blue she could have up to 20 puffs :(

She's now 5 and a half and to be honest the only issues I've had was the amount she takes and how often she's taking oral steroids - I'd hoped I would see some improvement but just seems when she's going to be ill her body does it regardless of what she's already taking.

I'm surprised its only a 2 week trial as I thought you need to take inhaled steroids for longer than 3 week to get into your system and notice an effect but I could be wrong about that. I'd say give it a try and see if you notice any difference if not you can always revert back to your old meds.


That was my feeling too, I know it can take time to get into the system. I have a phone call booked with her doc for Friday which will be her on seretide for 2 weeks. She seems to be past the worst of her attacks, hopefully it continues!


hi , our son was put on seritide 125 when he was 17 months old. he is still on this and is now aged 8.


Hi my daughter ( 9months) has been started on this today. I to am interested in other peoples views on this.

? Do u find symptoms easier to control on this ? Thanks kim x



My son was started on it at 2yrs 7mths and has been on it for over a year now. It's been really good for him although he has still had admissions since he started on it. I didn't realise they started children that young on it to be honest. I am sure there is a reason they have started her on it though. Has she had a lot of breathing problems and I'm assuming it's her consultant who has put her on it?

Jenny x


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