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Weight Gain = Asthma Flare Up?

As in my other thread - Asthma Flare Up. I said I was suffering from a flare up. One thing the nurse said to me, which I didn't really think about till the weekend.

Was that I had gained approx 2stone since my last weigh in at the surgery, which was only 2/3months ago, and that the weight gain, must have affected my asthma. I thought that weight would only really affect your expected best PF, rather than use weight to measure how much inhaler to use. Whilst I never expect to remain at 9stone, which I've always been. I did find her comments odd, especially with the suspected coeliac's disease.

So has anyone here experienced worsening Asthma symptons, when they've put weight on or even lost it (I guess that might have an effect).

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My lungs have worsened as I've gained weight. I used to be extremely underweight, and am now low/normal weight. While Im really pleased about this for lots of reasons, it has absolutely affected my lung function.



actuslly, funny you should say that.

A few years ago i lost a lot of weight and although it might be coincidence i also had a lot of problems with losing my voice which a singing teacher said might be linked to the weight loss - as you lose weight the muscles are affected as well as your fat and as the vocal chords are muscle they could be suffering. My losing my voice was almost always connected to an asthma flare but i don't know for certain that the asthma was directly linked to the weight loss

sorry that was rambling and even i'm not sur it mskes sense LOL


@Lynda - Nice to know that there maybe a link. Even if it did sound strange.

@jinglfairy - Ramble away,

Guess it just goes to show that anything could affect asthma. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait and see what happens in regards to the suspected coeliac's before deciding whether to lose some weight. No point in losing it now, if a change of diet is needed.


Hi Crystal, I was diagnosed coeliac a few years ago after chronic health problems. A gluten free diet really sorted me out, and to be honest I didn't find it difficult at all. The biggest issues are takeaways and eating out, of which I rarely did either so no probs. It made a huge difference. Hopefully though, you won't be ;)


My new in-patient consultant talked to me about weight today - he noticed my 'tuck-box' oops! He says they are just starting to realise how weight affects asthma and are moving on from thinking that being bigger is just harder on your lungs to being aware that the fat actually has a chemical/physical effect of the lungs and bronchial tubes. It was brief (Im not *yet* in danger) but thought Id mention it.


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