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Chest Infections - why?


Had Asthma since I was 3 and I'm now almost 31. Generally not been too much of a problem but in the last couple of years every time I got a cold I also needed antibiotics and steroid tablets. At new year I got a spontaneous chest infection (ie i didn't have a cold) and now I have another one!

Any idea why I've suddenly started getting chest infections and how I can prevent them? I also had an mild asthma attack during an intimate moment with my boyfriend that scared us both because it's never happened before.

I am going to make an appointment to see the asthma nurse but I thought I might pick your brains first.



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Hmm can't offer any advice I afraid, I can only sympathise! I was diagnosed 3 years ago, but since the end of last year, every cold has turned into a chest infection requiring steroids and antibios, despite never having had one in my life before (I'm 32).

I know it doesn't help with spontaneous intimate moments, but a few puffs of reliever before getting intimate may curb another attack, much in the same way you'd take it before exercise.

Good luck and hope you can sort the latest chest infection out.


I can sympathise with you.

Any colds I have turn into a chest infection, my last one 5 weeks ago has required 2 courses of antibiotics and one course of Pred. I'm still not great.

As for avoiding chest infections? All I can do is always stay well wrapped up when its chilly outside & eat as healthily as possible.

Hope you feel better soon.


I really feel for you as i am in the same situation, Since October I have had 11 courses of antibiotics and steroids because of infections. I was eventually diagnosed with late onset asthma in march of this year ( age 39).

The doctor has told me that the infections are due to asthma symptoms being under control and nothing I do can change that..... Feel like I am getting fobbed off!

The consultant at the hospital put me on symbicort 400/12 and I take 2 puffs morning and night and use ventalin as and when I need it. Things have been worse and I am back to night time coughing and interrupted sleep and I use the ventalin lots. I see the consultant on Monday and I hope he can wave a magic wand and make all my symptoms disappear lol.

Christine if you use your inhaler before any type of exercise, I'm am sure we have all been in that situation before haha. I had a mild attack at work on Monday where I couldn't get my breath enough to use my inhaler (scary and reduced me to tears).... I have been told to use blue inhaler as soon as my chest starts feel a bit tight or after a coughing fit/ talking lots and there on no prizes given for trying not to use reliever when it's needed ( out of hours dr also said I would have to use a full inhaler to overdose on ventalin).

Lisa x


Hi Christine

As I got older, I found that colds tended to end up 'going to my chest' more (asthma all my life, now pushing 40). I also started getting recurrent bad chest infections and pneumonia, which was eventually discovered to be caused by reflux and aspiration of stomach contents at night. Now that is sorted, my infection rate has radically reduced. Aside from good hygiene to reduce you getting colds (to prevent spread by contact) ie hand washing and ensuring a nutritious diet, I dont have any suggestions Im afraid.

I feel for you re the intimacy - I have quite severe lung disease and it can and does affect intimacy. The british lung foundation do a booklet about this, I dont know if its of any use... ignore if you dont want it! ;)




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