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Hi some is you may have noticed my recent posts on other threads, and I decided to introduce myself.

I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma in early 2009 after a bad chest infection. I had been doing well and was reduced from 400/12 Symbicort to 200/6 last autumn without experiencing problems.

This last month has been awful though since a bad cold and last week I had to for the first time take a 5 day 40mg course of Pred. It helped a little but tonight I feel awful again and slightly panicked.

I've taken my reliever 8 times and an saving the last 2 puffs for bedtime, I'm going to go straight to my asthma nurse tomorrow morning.

I'm finding my voice very compromised by my asthma yet my peak flow is around 80% so it shouldn't be so bad.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Cici :)

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Have a nosey through the website! Though your relievrr may say take a certain amount at max, its just a guideline and you cam take more!

Over the last 24 hours I've used 16 puffs of 400/12 symbicort, 16 atrovent and nearly a full cannister of salbutamol. Not saying what I do is sensible, but also have specific instructions from resp cons.

Are you on salbutamol? You can take upto 10 puffs through a soacer every 20 mins in an emergency. If it doesn't help by then cskk for help.

Rambling alot and probaby not helping!

Hope you feel better soon!

Laura x


Thanks for the advice , my reliever is salbutamol. I'll go take another few puffs.


I went to see my doctor today who has prescribed me Doxycycline 50mg for a week. She says I have a sinus infection and the nasal drip is what is annoying my asthma & speech so much. Hadn't heard of that before but at least I'm taking something to (hopefully) help me feel better.


Today I had an appointment at the Thoracic clinic of my local hospital. The asthma doc I saw there has prescribed Singulair for 6 months till I see him again, as I need an additional preventer.

He wants to avoid me having to take Pred as I'm also diabetic & feels that Singulair will help.

This last 6 weeks has been a real wake up call, I had become complacent about my asthma to the point where I didn't always take my Symbicort. One nasty cold and I have had a bad time with my asthma. I'll attempt to look after myself better in future.


Hi Cici,

Just wanted to say I hope the Singulair works for you. It doesn't for everyone but seems to be fairly effective when it does - it really helped me and I notice fairly quickly if I miss it.

It seems to vary re how quickly it kicks in though - I started noticing some differences after a few days and then it built up, for others I think it was more like a couple of weeks. Have been told it takes maybe 6 weeks to reach full effectiveness?

Anyway good luck and I hope things do get more under control for you soon.


Thanks :)

The doc did say that it wasn't going to make me feel better in a few day, but would need time. I'm just glad to be taking something that hopefully will cut down the antibiotic & Pred usage.


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