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A Question of Location

Hi all, I'm moving from the northeast of Scotland to the Huddersfield area and am slightly concerned about my healthcare being disrupted during the move. Is there anyone who knows if there is a good team/consultant who knows about brittle asthma etc in that area? I'm moving on my own and will be living on my own so I really need a supportive healthcare system in place and it would be good to know that I'm going to an area that knows a bit about the condition.


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You won't be too far from me, I am in derbyshire. I think Leeds, Sheffield and York have pretty good reputations. I can say that the team which I have (I am also brittle) are very good, so if you don't get on with the more local ones I can recommend a very good cons not too far away.

Good luck with the move!

Laura x



When I went to the allergy clinc in Leeds a few years ago, they had a difficult asthma clinc (at LGI I think). I didn't go to it myself but I have heard good things about it from friends (I looked into it when I was being referred back to respiratory on choose and book but I am more York way). The allergy clinc were very good though. I believe Bradford is (or used to be) good too and have a quite well known cons (can't remember name). York is nice enough but not sure on the difficult asthma front (I'm not brittle just severe allergic).

Sorry to be vague - I think sometimes cons choices can be quite individual as to what you want and my asthma is very probably very different to yours. Leeds have always been quite good when I have been there for various reasons, including when admitted for asthma.


Leeds difficult asthma clinic has a pretty good team, and the resp ward is good! Nice and knowledgeable nurses. The asthma nurse is pretty knowledgeable and not hard to get hold of etc. The A&E staff are good too, and there is an acute resp care unit attached to the resp ward which is good if you arent quite ICU bad, but possibly need a bit more attention. Ive had pretty good experiences from there, although i do know people who havent!


Excellent - that puts my mind at ease a bit! Thanks all!


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