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Running 10k

Well i ran the Liverpool tunnel 10k today

It wasn't my best time (01:14:07) but i don't mind too much - i was plagued by a stitch for a long time then my chest tightened up around 5k :-(

Took my inhaler before we started - and was quite surprised at just HOW MANY people i saw taking inhalers (and the girl looking to borrow someone's cos she'd foolishly left hers in her bag on the baggage bus which had left 5 minutes previously!!)

Anyway as i was coming out of the tunnel at around the 5k mark i could feel my chest tightening so had my inhaler again, then needed it staright after the run - that one i expected but not the 5k one.

I'm a cougher and when i was on the train chatting to a new friend (been chatting on facebook but never met him before) i was coughing rather a lot so took my inhaler and he was surprised at how much it settled the cough, and pretty much immediately. The effect only lasted about 60-90 minutes so i had it again. In the space of about 5 hours i'd had my inhaler 5 times (2 puffs each) oops. I must admit though i'm not particularly surprised and the effect is now lasting longer (i'm about 2 hours since my last dose and i'm just starting to feel it again). I know 1-2 hours is supposed to be really bad but its just because i've run 10k in the heat and i can feel it getting better.

The most annoying thing for me at the moment is that i'm not able to play the piano cos of the salbutamol shakes and i'm accompanying a clarinet pupil for a GCSE performace recording tomorrow morning, as well as playing a clarinet duet with her!!!! I hope the cough has gone by tomorrow!!!

Anyway this post is a bit pointless LOL just wanted to tell people about my morning / afternoon

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Hmm, I wonder how much this has to do with the weather -and pollen etc? If did feel crazy high today!

Sbutamol should work for 3-4 hours, but then remember you can use upto 10 puffs in 10 mins and then if necessary, so in the grand scene and as unpleasant as salb side effects are, a least you're not needing more!

If you start feeling much worse though, do go get help!!

The side effects should go soonish, so as annoying as they are, don't despair!

Feel better soon!! Laura x


well done on the 10k :)

I did Race for Life today so half the distance... and definitly slower as I finished in 46.30 LOL.

Pollen count was HIGH even on the coast- witness the amount of runny noses going round the course LOL

Geina x


Well done to you too wheezybouncer :-) It doesn't matter what your pace / time is (unless you're doing the tunnel and they run out of medals & t-shirts!!! I got my medal & t-shirt but when we were in the pub afterwards people were saying they'd run out), i was the slowest of the people i met up with afterwards - they all seemed to have done the race in about an hour. The important thing is you did it. Did you get a goody bag? I've only done one RfL and we got a great goody bag but they seem to be getting less and less now :-(

I was on the coast for much of my run today as well but i was naughty and had 2 different antihistamines before i went out (i often take one but either seems to work for me)

@Laurs, i am feeling better now - thank you for your concern :-)


A slightly embarrassing incident happened today following yesterday's run. Went for Lucy's exam, did the one that she was playing clarinet & i was on piano fine. The clarinet duet didn't go as well and we needed multiple takes. After playing her piece about 3 times it was clear my chest had kicked off (lots of coughing) so looked in my bag for the inhaler - it wasn't there!! I had one in the car so wasn't *too* worried but we hadn't finished so Lucy lent me her inhaler - how lucky am i to have a pupil who's also asthmatic hahahaha


no goody bags this year :( they have in the past though.

we got a bottle of water (much needed in the heat!) and brioche and a medal at the end this time.

Geina x


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