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Advice needed!

Hi guys a bit of background information about myself; Diagnosed with Asthma when i was a child of 3 years old. My asthma always effected me as i was growing up. having to go to hospital once a year usually around October for having mild asthma attacks, unfortunately having a mom who smoked up to 25 cigarettes a day didn't help this issue either.

once i started high school and getting into sports my asthma seemed to not be as severe and i would go through periods of not having to take my inhaler for months. Often neglecting my steroid inhaler.

After leaving home at 19 i moved into a new flat wasn't the best of conditions for a person with asthma and after a while i noticed my asthma got Worse. Mold and cat hairs were the main triggers. Not too long after this i woke up one morning with a severe pain in my chest and was rushed to a.n.e where i wasn't offered an x-ray and was just sent home, the next day i went back up to a.n.e struggling to control the pain and was rushed to see a Doctor . ( as i'm very tall 6'6 they offered to give me an x-ray as the worry was i could of had a spontaneous pneumothorax)

The x-ray showed a deep lung infection which i later found out an a doctors not to work to be pneumonia.

After struggling with my asthma after this i started to go to the gym with great results. For the first couple of months i managed to be one of the fittest strongest lads in the gym.

After turning 22 and having more control of my asthma with the understanding of my triggers, including passive smoking, dust, mold, strong perfumes, household fragrances etc..

Unfortunately recently thinking my asthma had improved i started work in a steel factory on a blanking line, which i learned how to operate. before the steel gets onto the Blanking line it has to go through a massive coating line which paints the steel initially. With either high cure or low cure paint low cure being the worst with the strongest fumes. Recently my asthma has come under attack though.

I noticed that i was experiencing like a brain fog which i was unable to retain any information even at the end of the 12 hour shift unable to get my words out properly, Which i put down to over tiredness. (but after reading a few threads on here i'm guessing it is down to my asthma).

After 3 shifts i was unable to continue so i phoned up the nhs help line and they advised me to go to a.n.e (which was a real disappointment, my obs were fine so didn't really want to do anything to relieve my symptoms even though my peak flow was around 500 (usually i blow around 800 due to my size) and was put on a dbs to help me for the night.

After a week off work because of this my symptoms started to improve. Once going back to work i had to go back to my docs who put me on predisnone 40mg.

My doctor advised me that the best thing for me to do is find another career unless i want a chronic breathing problem when i'm older =(

i'm unable to leave my job as i need the money as my gf is pregnant and i have my home to pay for and there isn't much work out there at the moment. What a predicament!!!

Can anybody offer me some advice on my situation?, i could wear a mask at work but as there 12 hourr shifts it would be too uncomfortable and i doubt it would really help.

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Could you start looking for another job while continuing to work? I know jobs can currently be hard to find but worth a try surely.

I'm not a medical professional or anything but sounds like your work environment is not suitable for someone with asthma and that working there is likely to put your health at risk.

although obviously your girlfiend ands future child will need money I think they'd rather have a fit and healthy partner and dad.

Sorry I dont have a solution, though a mask might help some as could block some of the particles irritating your lungs.

Best of luck x


Im afraid it sounds like your doctor was being sensible. The sad reality is that if you continue in that environment, you may find at some point in the future that you have little choice but to leave because your health has deteriorated for the reasons your doctor mentioned. As tough as it might be, you will have more control making that choice now, while you can start looking for a different job before your health gets worse.

You would need a really good mask to be effective I would think. I understand your frustrations, as I had to give up work for health reasons aged 36. Sorry thats probably not much help..


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