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dry nose

Sorry, seems ridiculous to make a new thread for such a tiny question but thought you guys would be the sort to know :-)

Have had loads of nebs and patches with nasal canulae over the last week, my nose is clearly dead sensitive to these as its sooo dry and painful, im not getting proper nose bleeds, although i suspect im getting teeny tiny ones as the inside of my nose is all gross and bloody (sorry)

I would normally put some vaseline in my nose, but i remember one time when i was in hosp and my lips were dry and i asked if they had any vaseline and they said they couldnt let patients who were on o2 use vaseline!?! I think it must be something to do with flammablitiy! I assume the risk is pretty tiny, and so as im obvs not currently on o2 it shouldnt be a problem (my only worry is that if its a major issue and i ended up in hosp later would it be a problem!)

sorry for the slightly silly nature of this Q :-) thanks team!

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My hospital gave me something called vasinol (white soft paraffin BP) to use with the canula for the O2.

Note: the part in parenthesis is what is written on the bottle, not sure exactlywhat BP means.

Feel better soon


Hi Soph, what you are describing is a common problem with nasal cannulas, I always use a mask for this reason. She was absolutely correct, you cannot use vaseline with O2. Aside from blocking cannulas, its drying and flammable :)


Have you tried a mosturizing nasal gel?

In Québec we have Secaris and Rhinaris but I don't know if you can find it in UK. I found the NasoGel available in the UK ( It's safe for the oxygenotherapy.


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