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Asthma medication side effects - 5 yr old

Hi all

It is my 1st time on the forum. My daughter was diagnosed with asthma at 6 months old and has been on various inhalers and meds. She is now 5yrs old and takes seritide & salbutamol via a spacer. She also has montelucast which has recently been changed from the granules to the chewable tablet following her 2nd hospital admission of this year. She takes the montelucast every night and has done so since the age of 2-3yrs. She also has had many news and pred when her symptoms have worsened.

I know that every medication has side effects. However, she had a dentist appt today. The dentist stated that she has issues with the development of her teeth which is a likely side effect from the steroid treatment over the yrs. as a consequence of this he stated that she would be at high risk of tooth decay and dental problems as the tooth enamel is significantly reduced.

Was wondering if anyone can give me advice as how I can best help her. She needs her meds but equally needs teeth.

Many thanks in advance.

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did the dentist give any advice? I wonder if she's having frequent oral steroids then it might be worth discussing some kind of calcium tablets to help protect bones and teeth! Not sure, but i guess it could be an option, esp if she's on pred frequently!

I wonder if inhalers themselves are bad for teeth, i vaguely remember there being a questionmark on whether atrovent inhalers cause teeth issues, so if that is the case then brushing teeth after inhalers might help with that? Im not sure on that one! might be worth asking about!

Don't have much in the way of advice, but it might be worth asking dentist if he has any reccomendations? or GP? its hard weighting up the pros and cons of meds, but breathing is pretty essential! sigh! hope others have some good suggestions, but the calcium tablets might be a good plan (and protecting her bones at her age cant do any harm!) :-)



Thank you for your message soph.

No real advice from the dentist other than good oral care which we already do. Will have a look into calcium tablets :-)


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