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Issues with Clenil

Well today my almost brand new clenil inhaler of 3wks old. Has decided to be completely out of medication. I've cleaned the spacer, inhaler case (I've been keeping 2 spare). It usually lasts me approx 2mths

Has anyone else had issues with Clenil inhaler seemingly running out long before? My normal usage is 4 puffs (per day), though this has been temporarily increased to 6puffs (per day) on instruction from a very nice Asthma Nurse, going back in 3wks.

Or is it just possible I just got seriously unluckily. Good thing the dispensary at my surgery was able to get me a prescription within 2hrs. Even just walking to the surgery needed a dose of my reliever, as well as on the way back. (Never been this bad)

Anyway now armed with a whole new preventer inhaler. I am now kicking myself because I refused a prescription from the nurse for Clenil because I was under the impression, that I had enough in my current one to last till July

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