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Consultant appointment on Monday

I have a consultant appointment on Monday, although I have been attending these appointments several times a year, this time I am feeling very apprehensive about the appointment because the last time I saw my consultant he was very abrupt almost to the point of being impatient with me, at times, I wondered if he believed what I was saying or was thinking stupid woman being so melodramatic.

I really am hoping I get to see another consultant within his team, who actually listens properly to what I am saying and dare I say it tends to be more supportive and understanding of what I am or have been through regarding asthma flare ups.

Not only that but I seem to have annoyed my asthma nurse in some way as well, so, I am feeling very down at the moment and not getting much support from my medical team, never felt so alone and having to deal with hay fever and stupid lungs that are objecting to everything.

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Aww *hugs* not what you need :-( I can sympathise with you in terms of feeling dismissed by ""medical experts"" but not by consultants etc. Could this be perhaps be because it should be their area of expertise and perhaps they struggle if they can't get to the bottom of something. And *fix* it? Just a thought!!

I can also sympathise with asthma nurses and them not always being helpful!!

Just remember, you're not on your own and that you can always ask for a change of cons. Especially with severe asthma you can usually get ""urgent"" referrals from gp. Do you have a good relationship with him/her?

I don't know if I've been of any help, but while I can't say I've been in the same situation, I can sympathise through some of the experiences I have had!!

Let us know how it goes on mon *hugs* Laura x


Sorry to hear that Asthmagirl - I have had that feeling for the same reason and it doesn't help before appts at all.

I don't know why they are being like this with you but it seems to be them not you. I know it's hard to remember this but it doesn't seem like you've done anything wrong, they are just being odd and really ought to be more professional than to let this show even if you have annoyed them somehow! Obviously sometimes drs and nurses do have to say things that aren't popular with patients but are right for the patient but I can't think of a good reason to act like this without any particular thing being behind it. So try to remember - it's NOT you! And you shouldn't have to feel like you can't rely on them for support - that is what they're there for, it's their job so if you are being made to feel like that then they are doing something wrong. This may not help practically but I just thought I should say that as feeling guilty about something you've supposedly done, but you don't know what, won't help.

If this is an appt at the same place I used to go, in London, then I have had similar. I have the idea you may not be seeing the same cons as me (and I can guess from what others have said who the understanding one is). but if it helps, I have had a similar feeling with the very new cons I was seeing - he was ok before but last time he made me feel like he didn't trust me and that he didn't believe me when I said I was doing my physio exercises; although he has been ok before I felt awful after that. It may have been unintentional, and later when I was able to feel more rational about it I suspected he was just feeling frustrated that he wasn't getting anywhere with me, as he said 'well there's nothing more I can do for you' and showed his frustration - not professional IMO and not nice for me but I guess I can understand it.

I'm not sure how it works there about requesting to see a particular person - I was switched without being asked. However, at a previous hospital the consultant told me that if I wanted to see him again I should check when I booked that he'd be there and then ask at reception when I checked in on arrival to see him specifically, otherwise you can be seen by anyone in the clinic. As I said I have no idea if this works with your clinic but perhaps ask if you can be seen by the one you prefer if you see he's there; once you've got back in with him it may be easier in future appts.

Best of luck - I hope your appt goes well and you do get to see the cons you want. Even though my lungs are better behaved than yours I know this feeling very well and it's not fun!


Thanks for your replies they have been very helpful.

Philomela - I do have to go to London for my consultant's appointment. I think that when I arrive there I will ask to see if I can see the more helpful consultant and to have my future appointments with him.


Hi Asthmagirl,

I have just seen your post of thought i would respond. Do you mind me asking whom do you usually see on monday clinic? - Dr MG or Prof Chung? I know that they may come across a bit abrupt or impatient - but don't let them get into to you - it is your appointment, and there is nothing wrong with you taking a bit of control of the situation (after all, you are taking no more than 30 minutes of their time, whilst there, and probably not even that), if you don't like something they say to you or the way the appointment is handled- say it. They probably don't mean to come across the way they are but if this affect the way you feel - they need to know. I did that on one occasion (obviously in a rather diplomatic way!) and they are very nice now :-)


Hi Jabby,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I normally see the Professor at my clinic appointments.


Hoping your meeting goes well today.

Also wanted to second what philomena said about staying clear that certain things really are *their* issues to deal with/feel guilty about. Your only job is to be kind to yourself when their issues impact you and figure out how best to deal with the situation.


Thanks for your replies.

Just thought that I would let you know that when I arrived for my appointment I asked to see the other consultant. Luckily, I was able to see him and my appointment went very well.


Very glad to hear.


Great news - really glad you had a good appointment. Also good that you now know you can request a particular cons, for the future.


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