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Hello, I'm new to this forum, had asthma for over 30 years, I'm 36 now, but I'm in the middle of a very bad relapse. I've seen the consultant twice in the last 4 weeks. I take seretide 250, singulair, citerizine, nasonex, and now I've been given spiriva as an add on once a day. I thought it was stabilising things but I had another attack on Monday.

I almost got Xolair but I'm far too allergic as my ieg levels in my blood were 1400. I was so disappointed as I thought my life would change for the better if we're to have this new miracle drug :(

Anyone else have experience of spiriva? According to the leaflet it's for COPD but my go assured me its also used for asthma.

I don't get wheezy just cough a lot then can't breath

Lindsay x

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  • Hi Lindsay, I have been on spiriva a long time, however I am on the respimat and not the handihaler which has the capsules. It is licensed for COPD as a maintenance therapy (not for acute bronchospasm) but is also prescribed for some people with asthma.

    Sorry to hear you havent been able to try xolair, I can imagine thats frustrating. However, its not a miracle drug for everyone who has it. Has the consultant agreed an asthma plan with you?

    I hope youre feeling a little better today :)

  • Hiya thanks for your reply. It's the handihaler I've been prescribed. I had a bit of an episode again last night. Had a bad attack Monday. Just don't know why it's so volatile.

    No, I don't have an asthma plan and I'm not seeing him until September now. I now realise that Xolair isn't the miracle I was looking for, think I just wanted a way out like most people lol.

    I did go out this morning but slept all afternoon, not sure how I'm going to cope being back at work next week.

    How long have you been taking it? Xx

  • Blimey it's been so long I don't know... Three years maybe? I wouldn't mind a miracle either ;)

    Could you do a phased return to work if need be? x

  • Possibly but I'm about to get a warning for all the time off I've had, and I have to see occy health Wednesday too :-/

  • Hi Chickenlady (love the name btw!),

    I have been on the Spiriva Handihaler for about a year and what I found is that it helped me on a day to day basis with my lung function, i.e. my pf went back up to what it used to be a couple of years ago and I can draw breath all the way down into my lungs again, whereas I felt I wasn't getting air right down to the bottom of my lungs before starting on the handihaler (hope that makes sense).

    I have to be honest and say its made no difference to my big attacks or day to day asthma breathlessness symptoms as such.


  • Thanks Angelico :). Yeah I feel like I can breath again but attacks are still happening :( it's making my throat sore too.

  • I had that too! :(

    My pharmacist suggested I tip my head up slightly when I take it (look at the point where the wall joins the ceiling) and its worked a treat :)

  • Ok thanks, ill give it a go :)

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