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Newly Diagnosed Daughter

I newly registered on Asthma UK website today as my 5yr old daughter Natalie had an asthma attack on Friday 24/5/13. She has suffered with chest/breathing problems for a while and I have made suggestions to the GP for several months that she is showing signs of asthma symptoms. She has always been diagnosed with chest infection and treated with antibiotics. Friday morning we ended up in A&E as she was breathing so shallow and her palour was grey. When put on oximeter her blood oxygen levels had dropped to 80% and she needed back to back nebuliser treatment (she was in resus for 4.5hrs before being stable enough to be transferred to the childrens ward). After being asked lots of questions (none of which the GP had ever asked or seemed interested in being told the problems of) the consultant at the hospital straight away diagnosed asthma. I am pleased to say that after 5 days in hospital she is home and is now on a weaning program for the next 5days to reduce down from 10puffs of salbutamol inhaler every 4hrs to 2puffs when needed. I am disappointed in the fact that she had to get as bad as she did to get a diagnosis but feel so relieved now as she and our family will now have the support needed from asthma nurse/clinic. In conjunction with asthma she has quite severe eczema (from birth) which often goes hand in hand with asthma. I'm hoping that through this website and its forums that we can learn to deal with this condition effectively.

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My niece was 18 mths old when diagnosed and was rushed in several times by my brother in law and sister. She was on non steroid nebs for years and odd times steroid inhalers. Now she is 22 and is growing out of it slowly. its good she is diagnosed as a lot of doctors for children poo poo the idea at least now she will be seen properly and insist she sees the consultant or a consultant to carry on her treatment, don't just leave it now she has been in hospital for a few days she has been treated i am sure you won't, that goes for her eczema too

Hope all goes well


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