Not long diagnosed with asthma

Hi I'm new to asthma (late onset) and find it confusing. I never wheeze, well I don't think I do, the doctors talk about a wheeze and gasping for breath during an attack. I cough and cough and think I am going to choke or vomit trying to get the phlegm off my chest which is mostly clear or has small yellow lumps Is this normal ?

I'm guessing that coughing is my main symptom, which makes me feel like I've not got enough air and have a strange sensation in my upper chest. The hospital put me on symbicort 400/12 2 puffs morning and night which I've been using for about 3-4 weeks now, I still feel as if I'm breathing through fabric, will this ever improve or is that what breathing is going to be like for the rest of my life.


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  • Hiya and welcome :-)

    Just to reassure you, the majority of asthmatics are able to gain control of their symptoms and lead a relatively symptom free life, that's why they prescribe preventor a in people who are symptomatic a couple of times a week. The preventer can take a few weeks to fully start working.

    You spoke about the hospital putting you on symbicort, does this mean that you are already under the care of a consultant? If you are then they will perhaps be able to answer your questions about what your ""normal"" should be.

    Also there are a lot of asthmatics who don't always have a wheeze, I am one of them, it can be very frustrating (as I am sure you know!!) not to fall in to a nice normal asthmatic pattern whilst having an attack!

    I would imagine though that they will want this sensation you talk of to go and it might be a bit of trial and error with your meds to achieve control!! Just ask loads of questions and seek help when you need it, you'll get there :-)

    Laura x

  • Thanks for your reply Laura, since October of last year I have had 10 courses of antibiotics and steroids and ended up in hospital just before New Year's Eve. My GP put me on tablets for gastric reflux, I've had a barium swallow and a camera up my nose, they kept telling me I had recurring tracheitis. It was only when I broke down in tears at the GP surgery because I felt so ill and worn out that they agreed to send me to see a chest consultant, after having a lung function test he told me I have asthma. I'm due to go back to the consultant at the end of next month.

    I think I'm pleased to have an answer to what was wrong as I had started to cough up flecks of blood and was thinking the worst but annoyed it took so long at the same time. I hope in time it will settle down and I will start to feel normal.


  • Gosh, sorry you have had such a rubbish time :-( sounds awful, but at least your specialist sounds good!! It's just a shame your gp didn't diagnose ashma earlier!! 10 courses of abs/steroids is a heck of a lot in a short period of time!! Did they work and help your asthma? Pred helps me soo much when I'm bad, but it got to a point (after needing to be on them for almost a straight month because I flared everytime I came off them) that my gp said I needed to taper them - did they do this? Just a thought because after a certain amount of time on them/certain number of courses, your body struggles to begin with to produce its natural steroids.

    I hope things start getting better soon!!

    Laura x

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