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Sleep study

Sleep study

has anyone else had to do a sleep study with one of these thingies on? It's just measuring heart rate and oxygen saturation as far as I can see, and I was wondering if anyone else had had it and knew why it was usually done! My cons never mentioned it to me, he just ordered it. Got to wear this thingy for two nights (it looks like some weird torture device I think) and then give it back. I can't imagine it diagnosing anything much? Surely they couldn't look at sleep apnea with this (and not sure why they'd be looking for that anyway) and O2 sats aren't a great measure of control for me at rest, so can't really see what it'll show?

It is making me a bit paranoid lol! Put it on and now can't sleep, I'm reluctant to do anything much as the numbers will look really dodgy if I'm wandering about!! And trying not to indulge the scientist in me, being able to see the numbers as I do things inspires great curiosity....sigh!

Any thoughts much,y appreciated :-)

Walked into my mums room and pointed my finger at her going ""ET phone home"" hehehe! Ah the fun of having weird medical toys!! Lol! Xxx

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Basically its a screening tool for sleep apnea, as when you have an apnea your sats will drop. So if is show so many episodes of 5% drop then will go for a full sleep study. Most diffcult asthmatics reporting night time sleeping symtoms will get a test like this as it can mimic/cause asthma to appear worse.


I assume they will ignore all the ups and downs near the start while im still walking around a bit? in factm i dont know how normal it is for sats to go up and down when you move around? trying to ignore the numbers as its making me paranoid lol, will be better when ive turned off the lights, but they constantly seem to be changing, they wont stay still for long, i thought o2 levels were normally fairly stable, i hope i have it on right! that would be annoying! out of interest, with sleep apnea, i assume they drop for like a min or so, and then go up, so i guess if levels slowly go up and down then it isnt sleep apnea?

i really hate having things onb my hands while im sleeping, i take cannulas out in my sleep if they are in my hands! hopefully the little thingy holding it to my finger will stop me! lol! Hopefully it wont show anything (i doubt i have sleep apnea, and so dont want to have to do a sleep study that wont show anything!!)

first time ive ever been told to have ""a normal night sleep"" lol!


Yeah Soph I had one a few years ago, it's no big deal, just your consultant being thorough - it's just a screening tool that's all. Stas and pulse rate are not static, so stop worrying ;). I didn't put mine on until I went to bed though.

I'm now waiting for a full sleep study at the RSSC, Papworth - but not because of asthma per se. Sleep apnoea varies from person to person in terms of what happens and for how long.


Yeah, I think it's like when people count your resp rates and you become overly aware of how you are breathing, I am finding having this on makes me overly aware! Lol! I think a big part of it is curiosity as well, I do like to know what's going on and how things work, and what's normal/abnormal and what causes the changes, I should be a doctor (if I wasn't so squeamish) or something!

I was planning on going to sleep, was absolutely shattered an hour or two ago, but wanted to have a shower so I can just get up and go to in the morning and that woke me right up! Stupid idea I guess!

I assume you had lots of ups and downs on yours? Hope the full sleep study goes ok? Is that the one where you are hooked up to about a zillion wires and things? I bet I'd just get it half on and then need the loo! Lol!


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