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Asthma really bad

First time had a barbacue and as in a built up area caused my lungs get all inflamed with the smoke and just got worse next day.Had come home from work and call the green men.

On steroids with nebs etc.

Just wanted tell others be careful around barbacues this summer.

Food cooked on it could cause it also will have to see about that if stay indoors and eat a burger.

Take care

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Oh gosh Glynnis, I hope you're feeling better now.

It's something to be aware of. Last year friends invited me for bbq's and I politely declined them all, I felt a little antisocial, but they all understood why I wasn't going.


So sorry you are not feeling well, Glynis.

I also react to smoke badly, including barbeques.


Oh Glynis, I am sorry that you are feeling unwell, I do hope you start to feel better soon.

I also re-act badly to smoke.


So tired and could sleep for a week so resting up.

Puffed out still and blue lips but have been checked up by the green men and asthma team know about my lips and pics in my notes.

Just going be lots of rest and nebs and steroids and waiting game getting over a bad spell .


So sorry that you are feeling so unwell! I hope to feel better soon!!

Were the greens helpful? I hope so!!

The steroids will *hopefully* kick in soon - that and rest should sort you out!! Do you have at home nebs or have to get emergency meds? Being at home you feel better no fun being in hosp!

Take care Glynis!

Laura xxx


Sorry to hear you're still really poorly. Takes it easy, I hope you're well soon.


Hi guys,

Feeling bit better now so hope a good.few days.

Been on AUK about 4 years + but says 20012 with new revamp.

On lots of meds and home neb and steroids in stock and under hospital asthma team.Will be glad see them next week.

I dont come on a lot now and do miss the old gang and nice see new members also.

Take care love glynis x


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