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Joining the hayfever clan

I often get hayfever although i must admit it's usually pretty mild. I don't know exactly what sets me off but it's definitely something that floats around now. Been horse riding tonight and struggled slightly with my breathing, this week last year (i can remember it cos it's my birthday week and my lesson last year was on my actual birthday) i ended up with a full-on (for me) attack in the riding lesson and had to stop for a while. I've since started using my reliever before every lesson and tonight i was uncomfortable by the end of the lesson - not *really* struggling just enough to feel it.

Ah well, just thought i'd stop by and say hello LOL

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Ooo, its my birthday this week too, on Friday! Happy birthday! Hope your lungs don't give you a birthday present this year XXX


Happy Birthday Butterfly xxxx

Mine is tomorrow :-)

I hope your lungs behave themselves too


Happy Birthday Jinglfairy and Butterfly, I hope you have a very enjoyable day.


Happy Birthday to you both and I hope the lungs can behave themselves for the day at least. xx


Butterfly and Jinglefairy: Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday from me too! (Jinglfairy - hope you've had a good day and Butterfly - hope you have a good one tomorrow).


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