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thinning the mucus

Is there anything I can do tmor to thin my 4yr old's cough mucus? Her asthma had been wild since Saturday. 4 nights of attacks, being awake for hrs each time, visits to OOH. She got pred, today is day 2 of it, she's def loads better but as is usual the wheeze has gave way to mucus which is causing coughing & horrendous gagging tonight. She's so tired the poor soul :(

Increased fluids tmor... Any other tips to thin so its easier for her to get rid of please?

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keeping fluids up is really helpful in keeping the mucous thinner. The only other thing I can suggest is asking the GP for a mucous thinning medication - but if its just an acute episode, I doubt they will, people tend to be on those for longer term issues - and they can have horrible side effects.

Its horrible when you're constantly coughing stuff up. I used to do my own version of postural drainage - coughing stuff 'up' is going against gravity, so I used to hang upside down over the end of the bed, or a chair LOL - made it much easier for stuff to move, as it was then going downwards when you cough!


It's more difficult as she's too young to spit!


Yes, hanging upside down off the end of the bed helps to drain and as shes young you could make it into a game. I used to have daily physio when I was young so my mum was taught how to do it and in time I learnt how to so used these techniques on my LO too. Maybe chat to asthma nurse about best to help your daughter.

When my LO is very chesty we also try to stay clear of or limit diary products as they are well know for their mucous producing properties, even in non asthmatics.

There are mucous thinning meds but as Lynda says as its just a blip you might not get these.

Hope she improves soon x


I'd rather not resort to medicine, as you both say, its not a long term issue. I just want to help her through this. I've been pushing fluids today. Annoyingly, out doesn't bother her until she goes to bed. I've propped up her head the past few nights. Hopefully not too many more bad nights now


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