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Hi, I'm coming up to sixty and have suffered asthma for 57 years. Over the last several years things are steadily getting worse. I find going to a Gp is a waste of time. With perseverance I got an appointment with a consultant. His words are that my lungs are that of a man in his seventies. I was about 55 when he said that. He also said my airways are narrowing and are likely to get worse. I was prescribed symicort which did help to a lesser degree. Recently things have got a little worse. I am wasting my time with a Gp because I get no satisfaction from them. I booked an appointment to have my right lung checked out which I new was delevoping an infection. hE DID NOT BOTHER TO CHECK. It of course did develop further and it took me 4 weeks to shake off. Last year I had 2 infections and the first took 3 months to clear. It cocerns me that now I cannot cut my lawn without stopping once or twice for a decent break before I can continue. I sleep the majority of the time in a chair because I can't lay down without issues arising. I am about fed up to my back teeth now. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP? If I won the lottery I would take the first jet to America where I'm sure I'd get some satisfaction. If I have to take illegal drugs then so beit. Anybody please, regards, Glen

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Have you tried contacting the Asthma UK Adviceline. Whenever I have had to contact them they have been excellent.


Thank you very much for your advice. I will follow up on your suggestion and keep you updated. Thank you again, Glen


The advice line were good when I had a bad case of GP not listening.

In the end I had to move GP's


I appreciate your help, thank you


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