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Currently active pollens/allergens

Hi, I wondered if anyone knows which allergens/pollens etc are in force at the minute, or if there's a suitable website to look at?

I've started with sneezing and a tickle at the back of my throat/roof of mouth and wondered if it was something in the air. I also feel as though I have a chest infection starting too (thick yellow phlegm, funny taste when I cough, headache, hot sweats, sore chest from coughing) so don't know if it is, or if its allergy related? Of course my asthma now thinks its playtime so my lungs are having tantrums just to add to the mix!

Thinking of trying an OTC antihistamine to see if the symptoms stop thus confirming an allergy, can anyone recommend one to try?

Thanks in advance xxx

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The pollen count is definitely up today, so hayfever would explain the sneezing and tickly throat, although I would double-check with your GP to check about the other symptoms.

You can check both the pollen count and which pollens are active at which times of year on the Met Office website.

Here's today's pollen count: metoffice.gov.uk/public/wea...

(You have to view the forecast as a map and then check the ""pollen"" box)

And at the bottom of this page, you can find out which pollens are active when:


Hope that helps!


This info is great thank you, just what i wanted. Interestingly its the start of oil seed rape pollen season apparently, they grow a lot of it around here, so I wonder if thats the culprit? Shame as I love the smell of the flowers!


Another website to look at for pollen count and other information is pollenuk.co.uk


Thank you AsthmaGirl, this site looks really useful too.

Anyone know if you can be tested for pollen allergies by your GP, or do they just give you antihistamine irrespective of the allergy?

Was going to try some piriton that I had lying around in the house from the kids chickenpox, but it says it can make you drowsy, better give that a miss. Any other suggestions or are they pretty much the same as each other? Don't want to spend a fortune if own brand stuff is just as good!!


Hi Butterfly, they are certainly not the same as each other. Some are preferred for particular symptoms, and people's response to individual antihistamines differ. Some are only available on prescription.

I dont know if the GP can arrange allergy testing, as I had mine done at a specialist hospital. I suspect they are more likely to give you antihistamines to see if they help.

None of the OTC ones work for me, I take fexofenadine 180mg which is prescription only. Worth a visit to the GP :)


Thank you for the info salamander :-)


I would say nursefurby is right in that prescription antihistamines are defintely not the same as OTC ones. If you're thinking about OTC antihistamines in general though, look at the active ingredients you will often find supermarket / chemist own brand ones have exactly the same components at half the price!!! I get fairly mild hayfever which is generally sorted by OTC meds but i never buy things like piriton etc if i can find an identical own brand


I have seen the price of OTC ones so will see gp for advice!!


Gp given an antihistamine to try, he said if sneezing and itch clears it is allergy, if not its viral.

As for other symptoms, he said i had a slight temperature but my chest was clear, typical I'd had a coughing fit about 30 mins earlier and coughed up loads of gunk and had to take reliever straight after, so was ' best case' by the time I saw gp!!


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