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Thyroid and pred

Just wondering if there's anyone else here with thyroid issues and if so, if you've found pred affects things.

I was born without a thyroid gland (which judging by Google seems, provided it's noticed promptly and dealt with right away, to be a much better option than having an autoimmune disorder or hyperthyroidism - no other issues, for me medication has no side effects as it's just replacing something that isn't there and it pretty much doesn't affect me, though it might if I had a needle phobia... ;))

Normally it's pretty well controlled and I never really worry about it as it hardly ever causes symptoms. However, I'd been having slightly 'pred-like' mood swings and feeling a bit odd so got it checked again last week and got results today. I've been on a pretty similar dose to what I was on for ages but it was going up and down a bit in November after I had a big dose of pred. Now for some odd reason the TSH has shot right up (normal is 1-3 or sometimes 4, I was at 15). Asked GP, 'umm, why?' and she said no idea (drs always seem to be a bit puzzled with thyroid things, they ask me about it sometimes!) but maybe it was the pred (I finished a month ago).

What I have specifically is pretty rare but I wondered if anyone else here had thyroid issues of any sort and happened to have any thoughts on that and pred. I'm hoping it's NOT that of course as it just adds extra annoyance/complication and if/when I do need pred I don't want to add this stuff to the mix.

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Im afraid I don't have a thyroid issue, so I just though I would bump up your post! hopefully someone reads it soon, who can be more helpful then me!



Thanks! It was a long shot I suspect - I didn't realise that I'm a rarity till I started looking this up (and then stopped, because there were so many horrendous stories about all the unlucky people with things like Graves Disease - ouch. Also, I would hate to be a parent now with a kid with what I have. Everything seems so gloomy about the outcome and yet with me no-one would ever know - I'd far rather have a kid with this than with so many other things, but the internet seems intent on scaring parents).


I had a thyroid problem last year, thyroiditis apparently caused by a virus. While I had this though my lungs were behaving and I didn't need any pred. Since then I've had a couple of courses of pred, but they've been outside when my thyroid was being monitored. So i'm afraid I can't help but didn't want to just ignore your post!

Finding a doctor who actually understands anything to do with the thyroid seems to be a bit of a miracle, so your GP's reaction is no surprise!! I went to my GP with resting HR of 140bpm, profuse sweating and general feeling crap after having borderline 'hyper' blood results, to be told it wasn't my thyroid. After a blood test at the hospital I find my TSH is non existent and my thyroid was DEFINITELY the cause of my symptoms ...duh!!


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