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Constantly taking deep breaths- is it asthma or just me?!

Hi all :)

The title is pretty self explanatory, but for the past few days I have had to keep taking deep breaths, maybe once or twice a minute. Not sure if it's just me since I've been doing lost of respiration revision so have become much more aware of my breathing or if it's asthma. It kind of feels like normal breathing is too shallow if that makes sense?

Any ideas?

Kind of hoping it's me so it doesn't mess up my gym time later!

Thanks :)

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I understand what you are saying! I think I have started with another chest infection and my asthma is deteriorating, and I've found I'm doing this more and more often. It usually happens when my asthma is getting worse. It's as though my lungs are stuck at a small volume, and so I have to keep taking a big breath to stretch them out and get a good breath. Have you any other signs you asthma is playing up?


hi Rachel93,

It could be a sign your asthma is playing up so keep your reliever with you.

Might be worth ringing your doctor if you have a preventer inhaler to see if any room to increase it as lots of pollen allergys about now......lol


Thanks Butterfly and Glynis :)

I take symbicort 200/6. I currently have 2 puffs in the morning and 2 in the evening. For the moment I don't think there's any point in seeing anyone since my pf hasn't dropped and that's all they seem to go on. I'll just be told it's viral and will go in a few days.

I'm not aware of having many symptoms, there was the random event last week where I'd been sat down all day and then got up to get changed and suddenly found myself very short of breath for no reason. I have been waking at night, but that could be my flatmates. I didn't manage as well at the gym today though. I could only do 10 mins at full speed on the cross trainer before I had to give up- I can usually manage at least 20/25, however I also haven't been to the gym for a while so it could just be that. I am very good at ignoring things though! Weirdly enough, the 5 month cough I've had has finally gone as far as I can tell!

I know my hayfever is starting, I have been taking OTC antihistamines. They don't work amazingly, but they are better than nothing. Tbh I'm not sure I could manage to sit an exam without hayfever or a cold now! I've had something for every exam I've done for about 5 years! It could also be the mould in my room at uni since that is getting worse. I have told the accommodation services many times and apparently they always ask maintenance to come and look.. I tried to attack it myself but whatever's growing seems to like it there!


It might not be any help, but I know she my asthma is playing up I find I am constantly trying to yawn and sigh cos I don't feel as though my normal breathing is deep enough, but then get to the point that I feel SOB even sat down and I know it's the asthma!!

It's a real pain, but with the time of year it is, perhaps it might be worth seeing your gp, even if just to say you're concerned - you might have to up your meds for a little whole to make sure it doesn't get any worse?

Look after yourself!! xxx


I do find myself taking deeper breaths when sat down than usual, just had to use my ventolin for the second time today (first was after the gym). I am considering making an appt but then don't want to waste time going only to be told it's nothing. I know the nurse will be lovely and sympathetic, even if she does work by pf religiously- it's the docs I'm scared of!

Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and it's all be gone :P Spending the afternoon with live pathogens that cause respiratory infections!


I know the nurse will be lovely and sympathetic, even if she does work by pf religiously- it's the docs I'm scared of!

Ha ha do you have the same nurse/GP I do??

My asthma nurse is fair to useless in that she goes entirely by pf (and wheeze), and if it does happen to be down, she gets the GP in to see you as she can't diagnose/prescribe anything, however, she's understanding and sympathetic. One particular GP however huffs and tuts unless your coughing up a lung when you see him, so he scares the hell outta me, unless the kids are seen by him, in which case he's fine?!?!


I think there must be a course that they go on to get that way :P

I'm quite confused now! My pf this morning was 360, which is 80%. Just now it's 390, so it has dropped. Given how tired I was this morning I think it must have annoyed me last night too. But until about an hour ago it wasn't bothering me today, I hadn't even noticed it in comparison to yesterday! Started to think maybe I have caught something. I had a slight fever this morning, along with earache and a headache but fortunately that went away. Hopefully it'll clear up overnight.

Haha I saw a doctor like that, she was convinced I was fine because it was only waking me twice a night as opposed to every hour like it has before! Still drove me just as crazy! I feel like taking a flatmate to back me up when I say I can't function in the morning without sleep! (I have locked myself out twice, burnt myself 3 time whilst toaster fishing and have managed to cut myself on a butter knife!)


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