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Anyone know anything about feet

Sorry, it's another should I see the GP thread, but this time not asthma related.

My foot has been hurting for the last 10 days, just under the ankle and also along the outside. It is fine at rest but gradually gets worse the more I walk around until I'm hobbling at the end of the day. I've been wearing a tubigrip and icing it but it isn't any better really - I can't walk anywhere at any speed without the pain stopping me.

How long should I wait before I give in and make an appointment? I've been hoping that trying to rest as much as possible and icing it will make it go away on its own but it hasn't shown any signs of going yet.

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Sorry, could a mod move this to Off topic please? Thought I had put it there but obviously not!


From my experience with a shoulder injury, I'd say you've given it long enough now if it hasn't gone away, and you should go and see the GP (look at it one way - you'll give them a nice surprise that it's not chest-related lol - that's how I felt and I even said that!)

With my shoulder, I waited about the same before going and the physio and people I saw later were always asking how long before I saw the GP, with the implication that I should have gone sooner. It's not a complex injury or anything but it is taking its time to get better properly and that's without doing the equivalent work of walking on it, so if I were you I'd go now and then if you need physio you won't have as long to wait, plus they should be able to give you some tips about how to manage it and check it's nothing that needs immediate attention.

Hope it feels better soon!


It's so tricky knowing when to see them and when not. I wish I had an idea what might be done about it but I guess I will go and see.


hi spookymilo,

You could have trouble with your foot arch and foot slightly tilting inwards.

Try a shoe insert that you can get from the chemist with buit in foot arch.

It really helped me after going. to physio ,having acipuncture and seeing a podiatrist who made me insoles with buit up foot arches


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