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Inhaler and spacer removed from classroom to headteacher officer


I would like to know if there are any policies that support a child with asthma at school regarding where to be kept there Ventolin and Spacer.

My daughter just turned up 6 and is at year 1. She is asthmatic and winter is a dificult time for her. The headmistress decided without any notice to remove my child Ventolin and spacer from her classroom to her OFFICE that is far from where she is at school and came to tell me that was too much for her school staff to take over once she was in need of Ventolin in the classroom at my request - WHAT IS NOT THE CASE, THE SCHOOL HAS A LETTER FORM MY DAUGHTER GP AND ASTHMA NURSE DESCRIBING HOW MANY PUFFS AND WHEN SHE NEEDS IT.

As well one of the member staff has describe Ventolin as a STEROID what did scared me and is making very worried about her time at school.

If ASTHMA UK has any policies sugestions for schools I would be gratefull to be informed and how to get it, PLEASE!!

Was a very odd decision from head and she said that they want us to TRUST THE SCHOOL - HOW?

My little girl has had a ventolin not given when she has told them has chest was tight and that she needed the inhaller. Instead they gave a sip of water and not the Ventolin. My little girl came home that day and had an astham attack started close to get back home.

I feel sorry for all the children who suffers with asthma and are going through situations like this in this country. It is painfull the fact that the staff from school do not have any TRAINNING regarding ASTHMA.


Please, any help regarding to this situation would be welcome.

Thank you

Anna Butler

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this is the AUK page on asthma in schools asthma.org.uk/advice-your-c...

I don't know much about the rules and stuff, i suspect the SUK nurses (number at the top) would be able to give you advice about that!

Maybe it is the case that they cant keep inhalers in the classroom - although i doubt that. Make sure you reiterate that salbutamol is safe to take, however not being able to breathe is not very safe at all!!! Possibly scare tactics might work. Go in and talk to her teacher, explain that if she is not able to have quick and easy access to reliever medication then it is much more likely that an ambulance will have to be called and explain when to call 999. this hopefully will make them realise the stupidity of their decision and return the inhaler to the classroom.

I'd let them know that you want a phonecall ANY time they deny your daughter medication that she needs with justification - this means that you can tell them to treat your daughter (as they should, they are in charge of your kid's safety while she's there), and if for whatever reason they wont, you can go to pick her up so you can treat her yourself.

When you talk to them use words like ""safeguarding"" as these are specific terms used by people like ofsted, and so schools will not want to not be seen to be safeguarding properly.

it might help to have your daughters asthma nurse ring the school there is a clear lack of understanding both of asthma and the medications your daughter takes, i find that asthma nurses are more detached from the situation and so do not get upset when people are irrational etc. My asthma nurse rang up my uni for me to tell them that refusing to ring 999 and instead sending me in a taxi was not even almost acceptable, she knew the system a bit better and who she had to speak to to make it official - and its all sorted now!

I'm sure there are lots of people on here with kids who know a bit more about the specifics, but these are my suggestions!


I'm not a parent but i am a teacher in lots of different schools - admittedly the children i teach are aged 8 upwards but all of the asthmatic children i know of have their inhalers in class.


I'm a teacher and I always make sure I book out my asthmatic kids inhalers out at the start of the day!! What's the use of them having them in school if they have to wait 10 mins to get it when there need it straight away!! Makes me so mad!!

When I've had any hassle about being given their inhalers to keep in class, I've subtlety reminded them of the times I've been in hospital to reiterate how potentially dangerous it is!

No child should be given just a drink when they are able to tell their teacher they are struggling!! That is wrong! I'd remind them just how dangerous asthma can be when the correct treatment isn't given!

Hope it's sorted soon! X


Recently had problems with my 6 yr old and school ..I went to the school nurse who set up at meeting with school to do a care plan ..maybe u can do this ..I feel happier now we have a care plan in place xx


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