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Blue lips, tiredness, supressed breathing. But no wheezing?

Hi guys :)

Today I had another rather odd experience, but before I explain further I'll give you a little background info.

I'm female, 18 and I've had asthma for 8 years straight now (brief let up from early childhood asthma between ages 9 and 10, but it returned.). It was poorly controlled, so I was prescribed seretide twice a day, at 2x250 doses. I don't like the side effects (shakes, difficulty concentrating, palpatations etc) and they still occur after 4 months of settling in...

So I agreed with my doctor only to use the seretide when my asthma flares (usually during deep winter with cold weather) and if I plan to do lots of exercise in either cold/windy environments (cycling) or if I go swimming, which usually flares it because of the chlorine or something like that.

So, all good.

But this curious thing has started happening more and more often.

Today I was very tired (disturbed sleeping pattern and difficulty sleeping, so I had about 3 hours of interrupted sleep) then I walked about two miles in the morning to college, followed by quite an intensive, if inactive day.

About 5pm, I got home, very tired, and my brain starts to feel a bit fuzzy. My lips turn blue, and my extremities get really cold. I wasn't wheezing, but I know my breathing was supressed, and I didn't feel like I could breathe enough. It calms a little, so I go to bed and sleep for a couple of hours.

I used to get this purely from swimming and when I went cycling, usually if I didn't have my blue inhaler during a mild attack... But I wasn't doing anything that would usually flare my asthma? And I've never seen any literature about this kind of thing occuring without severe attack symptoms (I've had two, most scariest things in my life.)

So... Any ideas?


Koneko x

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Sorry to hear you are having difficulties.

As I can't see you during an episode I can't tell you what it might be/if its asthma related but anything that makes you feel that ill and causes your lips to go blue needs to be checked out asap.

Please see your GP or if needed go to OOH or A&E.

Hope you are feeling better soon x


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