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Finished pred, still not feeling well

Had my last lot of pred on Tues morning - was feeling fine in myself, still had a chesty cough but nowhere near as bad as last week. Hadn't been doing much but was fine pottering round the house, driving etc. so long as I didn't go too mad.

Yesterday and today cough seems to be getting worse again, slept for ages last night but still feel tired, chest is sore this morning. Was quite breathless last night although hadn't really been doing anything strenuous.

I know I ought to go back to my GP if still not better, but not sure what she'll be able to do. Obviously don't want more pred as I guess I would have to have it for longer and do a taper etc. Symptoms not as bad as they were before the pred, but I know I'll struggle when back at work next week if still feeling like this. I'm currently on Seretide 250 2 puffs twice a day and fexofenadine, tried Montelukast but it didn't help, Not sure whether this is an illness causing the exacerbation, allergies or just asthma being annoying.

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Best to go back to the GP even if they can't do anything, its always important for them to know whats going on. But i'm not sure that there is nothing they can do. Its possible you have a chest infection, in which case antibiotics may help. I don't know how often they do this, i've only been told it once, but GP might tell you to take regular salbutamol (so i have been told to do 10 puffs 4 times a day in the past) as a way of preventing symptoms for a few days until you get better. Pred-wise, obviously its better not to have to take it, however, i *think* that it might be out of your system now (which would make sense with you feeling ill again) and it might be the case that even a few days gap might stop you having to do a wean, i don't know as i've never been in that situation, but its a possibility, your GP will obvs know more :-)

Hope you feel better soon!


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