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not feeling very well

Hi everyone,

Hope u r all ok. I have had a rough though days with my asthma very peak flow dropping and finding it quite painful to breath. My lips have been blue on occassions over the past few days and have had some bad nights with coughing uncontrollably and have also coughed up some light green phelm but most of the time it is white so do not know what this means! I have no energy and feel really rough all the time. I went to see the asthma nurse on Friday for my asthma review but could have it as I have not been feel great over the last few days. See then made me an emergency appointment with the doctor who listened to my chest and said I did'nt have a chest infection but my asthma was exabated and that I sounded wheezy to take 40mg of prednisolone for the next 5 days along with all other asthma meds which are as follows: ventolin, Seretide 250, montulaskuast 10mg and Phyllocontin 225mg along with fenfexodine with a nasal spray for hayfever. I am still feeling really uncomfortable when breathing. I don't know if to give the out of hours a ring later? As I still feel no better than I did on Friday.

Thanking you in adavance for any informaton.


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I am so sorry you are going through a rough patch at the moment.

If you are no better please contact OOH Doctor or 999 especially if your lips go blue.

I hope you start to feel better soon.


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