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Help guys I'm in need of your trusty advice

I'm going to the us in exactly five weeks I've been told I'm all good to fly etc and have an appt with my asthma gp two weeks before to go through final things and get medicines sorted but just have a few questions as I've never been before :

1. Thinking its best to pack all medication including spares (looking like quite a bit ) in hand luggage just invade anything happens to luggage? Any tips

2. I've never been on a flight longer than four hours so have been lucky enough to not use inhalers etc on plane before I assume there no special protocol for this

3. How do you deal with the time difference I think it's five hours where i will be , is it best to stick to the time it would be in uk, should I adapt straight away and start on us time , should I do both for a couple of days then jump to us time ????

Ahhh very confused right now any advice would be super appreciated on the above or anything I've forgotten

Thank you LT xx

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Hi! Sounds exciting, where in the US are you going?

I went to Boston last year and had similar questions. I'm assuming you've sorted travel insurance etc but if not worth looking at Medic Alert and I think All Clear - the specialist 'health' ones give you the best deals in general I find.

It sounds like you're probably more severe than me if you needed clearance to fly (I didn't bother as I figured I was fine) so things might be different for you but I will have a go at answering the questions based on what I did (though you might be on different medication).

1) Yep I did this with medication, and I didn't even have to show any of it at security! Probably worth taking a prescription with you just in case though as it would also be handy if you needed more meds for any reason while you're there. The airline (Virgin) said I was meant to have a letter from my dr confirming I needed them but they didn't ask or even look at the meds and when I checked on here everyone said they'd not bothered with a letter. Might be worth asking your GP about though if you want to be 'better safe than sorry' or if there's anything else you or your GP think might somehow be relevant.

2) No protocol that I'm aware of! I took all mine - preventers and relievers - on the plane. Which I needed as I was starting an infection on the way back I think, or maybe my lungs didn't like the plane.

3) I didn't bother adapting to the new time beforehand, but I did check with the AUK nurses about Symbicort and they said not to worry, just to take it at bedtime when I got there (the flight got in later afternoon/evening to Boston). It might depend what you're on though; I guess there are some things you do need to be more careful with. Or if you find LABAs wear off noticeably and you want to keep it topped up.

I hope this helps but I'd suggest giving the AUK nurses a ring as they will probably be able to help you more especially if you are taking something which needs accurate timing. The nurse also suggested (mainly because I was finishing off an infection and hacking away down the phone) that I ask my GP for a supply of pred to take with me 'just in case' so you could ask your GP about this. (I didn't in the end but perhaps I should have - it was mainly because at that point I wasn't sure if the pred worked).

Have a good holiday! :)


Hiya we fly to Florida 4 weeks today and can't wait. I carry all medicines in hand luggage and also get letter of gp stating what i use also i get a repeat perscription incase anything get's lost. I have had items searched and looked at before so i am always prepared for the worst. At least that way nothing can delay me going on a well earned holiday. I have to do this for myself and my son who are both asthmatic. X

Hope everything goes well and you have a fab time. XX


1) Yes, best to have stuff in hand luggage, however what i always do is put three days supply in hold as well if at all possible, just because its so hard to get hold of meds quickly when away that if something really bizzare happened and you were seperated from your hand luggage then you would have enough to get you through a weekend until it might be possible to get some more! I do tend to carry a copy of my prescription as its just less stressful that way!

2) I never even thought of that! I have always taken them without any problem (could imagine nebs being a bit different if you have them though)

3) if you are very sensitive to delays and things it might be worth discussing with your GP moving your meds slowly onto the new time (either when you're there or before hand) so that its less of a sudden change! Ive only ever really been to places with a couple of hours difference so i've never done it, but just an idea

And obviously, would take plenty of spare salbutamols with you, and if you are likely to get ill and need pred then i'd second philomena's idea of asking for an emergency supply!!


Thanks everyone !

@philomela I'm off to Florida very nervous. Wouldn't Like to make judgement on that one ive been mild asthmatic since i was Very little on meds since age six but in past few years things have gone from bad to worse im now moderate to severe persistant Uncontrolled according to dr id argue the uncontrolled out ;) It was more of a case of i Booked it on a Dream basis and then though oh gosh can i and at my appt few months later once i braved the subject asked if he thought i was ok to go and i got the we will make you go ! Haven't had to do any fitness to fly or Anything sorry didnt explain myself properly there ! Thanks for all your advice travel insurance is being a right mare current situation is the insurance is provided as part of package but they are saying my medical circumstances are not covered awaiting a call so that may prove usefull of I need to arrange separate cover. I'll be sure to pack my repeat and I'm flying virgin too so think I'll adopt your letter better safe than sorry policy . I will also be landing evening times, yes I'll keep an eye on LABA there so much to think about I'll definatley give the auk nurses a call for advice thank you very much and thanks I'm excited but nervous !!

@vicky you'll be oh there before me ! You can prepare the weather ! Thanks for you advice have u been to Florida before how does the climate affect yours/ your sons asthma I've been warned to be careful Thanks hope you have a fab holiday too

@soph thanks an I see so kind of splitting doubles between luggage maybe a good idea then, You say bizzare but I'm the sort of person if it's going to happen its going to be me so who knows !! I think I'm going to photocopy my repeat Carry the original and but the copy in my case just as a back up mainly for peace of mind for me . I'm going to talk to gp and call the advice line on the timings I think see what they all think. Same further I've flown is four hours and an hour time difference this is huge in comparison

I'd love to take plenty of salbutamol with me unfortunately They've not been invited though ! Sorry my attempt as humour isn't great me and sal it's ok don't really work don't worry I'll be sure to take plenty of bricanyl !!! :) I'm rather unprodictable now days and seeing as I've had a few ifections in the last month or so that may be a good idea

Thanks ladies feel like I'm armed with much more info already


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