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04:18am !!!!!!


I've yet to sleep tonight, and have come to the realisation that 1) there is not a hope in heck of me even making it to work later, never mind actually working! 2) I will actually have to visit the worlds most useless GP later and 3) I feel like crap.

Lungs are throwing a right strop tonight, I have no idea why but Nellie is clinging onto me for dear life...any suggestions on how to prise her off?

Hope everyone is well or getting there

Becca Xx

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I hope you have a better night's sleep tonight.


Oh that was quite a rant....oops!

I spent the day yesterday in various bits of A n E, was then admitted and discharged 30mins later, 'twas a very strange day however I'm now up to the eyeballs in pred, Nellie still clinging on for dear life but hopefully I will be able to coax her off in the nest few days :)

Thanks anyhoo

Becca Xx


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