New Asthma UK website launching next week

New site

Hi everyone,

I'm Ben the digital manager here at Asthma UK. Above is a picture of our new website that we're launching next week. We've been working hard on it over the last six months and I'm really happy with how it looks and how it works.

The forum will be exactly the same as before (except for the new design at the top and bottom), this is because we're using the same platform as before. We've had to do a fresh install of the system though so if you have any problems on here please do let us know.

On the forum you'll have the same details as before but they're no longer linked to the login on the rest of the site. Sorry about this but the new platform for the main website doesn't have a forum funcationality and it was going to be too expensive to integrate the forum with the rest of the platform.

If you find any issues on the rest of the new website or have any feedback please let us know either on this thread or by email on digitalwork at

I really hope you like the new site!


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  • Thank you for this information Ben.

    I am looking forward to seeing the newly developed website.

  • Hi, how do we change passwords on the forum now? I couldn't login so did retrieve password and now my password is a load of random characters that i'll never remember. I've looked on profile etc but can't fins an option to change password

  • Hi jinglfairy,

    The option to Change Password should now be accessible through your profile page. Sorry about the delay in getting this activated!

  • Thanks Hugh, yes it worked - i now have a memorable (to me) password! :-)

  • I had to click on forgot password to get new password which allowed me to log in but when I tried to change my password via my profile it will not let me.

  • that's weird - did it reset all the passwords, cause i had to reset mine too.

    i found the reset passwords thingy at the bottom of the list on the left of the profile page!

  • also, how do you make it so your email adress is never visible - they are coming up sometimes and i dont want mine to be visible please!

  • Hi soph,

    Your email address should only be visible on your profile to yourself and administrators - if you find yourself able to see anyone else's email on a profile page or anywhere else, please email, with a screengrab of the page if possible (it will help us fix the problem faster!)

    Hugh at Asthma UK

  • i like how the new forum keeps you logged in forever! Even this morning i was logged in :-)

  • How can you enlarge the font please, just when writing a post as it is too small for me to read? (Showing my age here lol)

  • yes please! It has gone tiddly and I now need to pop on my reading glasses,,,,,,:-(

    Oh and I had to reset my pass word too! Daft!

  • Yeah the writing is very small :( but other than that it looks great

  • Yeah the writing is very small :( but other than that it looks great

    Gosh, it's tiny! That's a style sheet setting, so I can't change it. For a temporary fix, Ctrl-+ will enlarge the page (keep pressing and it gets bigger), Ctrl-0 will return it to normal.

  • The default font does seem on the small size. As for any page, the font size can be changed. To increase, scroll down to the bottom of the page and have a look in accessibility in the middle of the purple section. It depends on your internet browser

    * Microsoft Internet Explorer is under the view menu and text size

    * Firefox - hold down down the ctrl and + or - to change the size

    * Safari - View menu and zoom in/out or text only

    Also, if on an Apple computer, ⌘ and + or - on the keyboard will do the same. Ctrl + or - will do the same on any keyboard too.

    Jinglfairy, there is an option to be kept logged in so if you don't want it just untick, simples.

    Oops, crosspost hello Steve!

  • Just wanted to say that I do like the new look website.

  • It's really good for me and allows for that person who looking to get some treatments for this disease.

    Its website provides us a lot of easiness or help to meet our goal and find the best treatment regarding the disease nature.

    I really appreciate you all team who have done this work on a large scale with the help of one more site for the affected persons.

    Best of luck.

  • has anyone worked out how to use the mulit-quote button? i clicked it and it highlighted blue but didnt do anything!?!

  • Love the new site but the wrighting is tiny.but.can zoom it up on my phone.:-)

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