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Rules on communication and meeting up?


I have met a few people on here that I would love to meet up with/talk to outside of the forum but I'm not sure on the rules.

I have noticed that a couple of people live near me and have similar health issues and feel we could support each other.

I am happy for people to contact me on email or twitter which has been suggested recently but really not sure on the rules.

Thanks for your help and I hope I'm no breaking any rules in asking this question.


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I think its all become a bit tricky since we lost PMs! Me and confused arranged to meet up on here - at a hospital so it was fairly easy to sort a specific place and time without giving away anything about ourselves until we actually met, and obvs hosps are a public place so its not too dodgy meeting up :-) depends how much of an eye the mods keep on coversations - but certainly no-one deleted posts or said we couldnt do it, so i assume tis ok! If i remember correctly jimmies is one of your locals - and its also one of mine, so you must be fairly close to one of my adresses! :-)


As an adult, I would assume its entirely up to you what you choose to do. I personally wouldnt put my contact details on an open forum, and remember issues of personal safety when meeting a stranger off the internet. Asthma crosses all boundaries, and as such, this is no safer than meeting someone off facebook or a chatroom. Im not trying to be a misery, just about being safe, its easy to get lulled into feeling safe and that you 'know' people online.



thanks, I was still thinking of meeting at Jimmies as it seems local to a few of us. I just did not want to break any rules regarding meeting up and whether it would be easier to organise something like this on email.

Anyway hopefully we will be able to meet for a coffee at Jimmies sometime in the future, I spend half my life there lol.




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