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Just dont know what to do!!!!

Hi I was probable diagnose with asthma in December I have what they called Cough variant asthma since my main symptom is an endless cough which can last for hours and have me ending up in hospitable. Since December I have been in and out of A&E and stayed in hospitable as well so finally got referred to a specialist by my GP I’m now on Spiriva Respimat 2.5 microgram two puffs daily Seretide 250 microgram three puffs morning and night Montelukast 1 at night and omeprazole 20 mg two capsules morning. I also just finish a three mouth course of Prednisolone. I have found that me coughing fit not lasting as long but still having chest pains when I ask could I exercise again I was told yes but went for run ran for 4min then had a coughing fit for 20. This coughing fit also made my peck flow drop by 60 and had chest pains though out the day and night. The specialist requested a urgent follow up with her asthma clinic for 2 week’s time but due to unseen problems they have to cancel the appointment the offered me one last week which was in two days’ time which was to short notice to get time off work and now got to wait till end of April. I feel like my asthma just not under control and the fact I still can’t exercise without coughing and being in pain for days not right what should I do? xxx

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Hi Laurajayne

I am knew here. I think if I was you ,I would stop exercising if it is bringing on fits of coughing and pain, until you see specialist. But go see your gp if you are worried.


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