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Newly diagnosed,,all advice welcome

Ok..This has come as a bit of a shock to me as I managed to reach the ripe old age of 48 before having an attack,indeed I've only had 2...but both were this month and both put me in hospital...The first for 5 nights and the second for only a day,puzzling as both were of the severe variety(so I'm told)...what do I know !

I'm lucky in that I know the trigger and lucky that it is only the one thing that sends me into that state...In my case it's cat dander,my girlfriends cats no less.

It's now one week since the second asthma attack,I've been out of the trigger environment for an entire week but still struggle to sip water or blow my nose without struggling for breath..Walking the 4 meters to the toilet is a whole new challenge..

I have constant palpitations,irregular breathing and a racing heart.Surely after a week of being in a trigger free area all things should be normal....Shouldn't they ?

Thanks in advance


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Hi David, i had my first attack at 39 so i know it feels a little odd. i am lucky i have not been in hospital but i was off a month in oct 2012 with a chest infection and could just about walk out to my front gate. it makes you feel very old and very vulnerable. try to take things slowly. a day at a time. you will feel better but gradually and you will need to look after yourself. obvious i guess but true. i have five cats but they now reside in an outhouse. they set my nose off even though i am technically allergic to them. i hope you feel better soon

take care


Hi David, it can certainly take a while for things to settle after asthma attacks. But if you are concerned the best thing to do would be to revisit your GP and get checked out, telling him all the things you have put here. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Lynda :)


It has taken me several weeks to fully get over an attack before - was exhausted, breathless etc. but gradually got better and was able to do more.

Also it can take some time to find the right combination of meds when you are first diagnosed - I assume you've had courses of pred following each attack? Are you also on a preventer inhaler? Until these kick in to control your asthma you are likely to still experience symptoms.

I second nursefurby - go back to your GP, explain that you still have symptoms and see whether they can adjust your meds.


Thanks for the replies,all useful advice..

I need some opinions on something...I'm now back in the dreaded cat dander environment...The cats have been gone from here for 5 weeks or so...I've been back here since Saturday afternoon,so getting on for 3 days ...I've been given a preventer inhaler,2 puffs at nigh and 2 in the morning and I'm almost constantly wearing an anti allergy mask.

So far I have no wheeze and I'm hoping it's the inhaler doing the job more than the mask..

When should I be brave enough to remove the mask for a prolonged period.....fully aware of what the consequences could be..



Hi David, I guess thats up to you... but I would think its not just the cats needing to be gone from the environment thats the issue - their cat dander will still be everywhere unless the entire house has been deep cleaned. I guess its a case of suck it and see....

Lynda :)


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