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New Neb

Hi Everyone,

I am looking at replacing my Pari Mobile. I'm having nothing but problems with it despite replacing the battery, and PARI are saying it's out of warranty, despite it not being on Evergreens system. Madness, I know.

But I'm now looking at alternatives. I need something small, portable but with enough power to get me through a bad patch and double up as a work horse if need be like my Pari had been. I really would like a quiet and quick one.

Am I setting my sights too high or is there actually something out there that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg?

Thanks everyone


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I have got several nebulisers but the one I would recommend is the Omron Micro Air nebuliser, it is very quiet and will work on batteries or mains cable.


I have the omron micro air also. Its perfectly quiet ans is reasonable fast also. Just to mention though its not as fast as a general mains machine as its not a compressor so it will take a little longer than usual. Still perfect and small also.



Cheers for your replies :) I think atm I'm gonna hold out and see about making my hosp fund another one. Can't see it happening but hopefully they'll give in if I moan at them enough :)



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