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Some kind of yucky virus?

Just wondering whether something like this is going round really. I had something similar at end Jan but didn't feel ill in myself - this time my head is very woolly.

Throat is scratchy and sore, sore chest, feel as though there's gunk building up in my chest, want to cough but either cough is just dry or makes me gag. Now asthma is piling in and have the heavy chest and breathlessness as well, ventolin not relieving this much but is not severe. I may have a slight temperature but definitely not a raging one or I would think I was getting a chest infection. Feel generally shaky and yucky.

At home in bed, got to make a decision about work for tomorrow but really have no idea whether I'll be ok or not as I don't know what's wrong! Last time symptoms were similar but seemed to just be a slight cold as asthma was bad for a week but then was fine without needing antibs or pred (first time since diagnosis any kind of illness hasn't needed pred :)0

Unsure what to do about work as have two important meetings tomorrow.

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Ok so now I'm fairly sure it's an infection. Lungs feel full and when I manage to shift something have chesty cough and rattling breathing. Peak flow is low for me today so I guess I'll be off to the doctors tomorrow morning!


You poor thing Spookymilo I hope you start to feel better soon.


Hope you feel better soon, sounds nasty! And hope it's not pred and antibs ugh, but if it is then at least they should help things.

Good luck at the GP tomorrow. I am also headed there, what fun.


Thanks. My appointment is at 5.30 but couldn't get my normal GP so having to see a new one which I'm worried about in case she's one of the ""well your peak flow is ok and you don't sound wheezy"" kind. It's so much easier to see my own GP but I'd rather see someone today than have to risk OOH over the weekend.

Woke up having an attack last night - not severe but was a bit scared for a while because ventolin wasn't touching the tightness at all. Does anyone else find that when they have an infection ventolin is less effective/doesn't last as long? Every time I cough my chest tightens again whether I've just had ventolin or not.

You'd think I'd be used to this by now but it seems to take me by surprise every time it happens.


Well she didn't quite say it in as many words but definitely made me feel like a hypochondriac. She was so brusque that I didn't describe my symptoms accurately. When she listened to my chest she just said ""It's not a bacterial infection"" - how do they know that from listening? Also said she didn't think it was bad enough for steroids but gave me the prescription anyway because of the long weekend. Not sure what she was basing that decision on - I hate having them but I do know when I'm going to need them, and every time I've been sent away being told it wasn't an infection and have said I would need to go back for antibiotics, I've been right and still not been well two weeks later. She said I need the steroids if my peak flow goes down to 210 - since it never ever goes below 300 even when I was in A&E with my worst attack, don't think that's going to happen! I did tell her that, the 340 I got is actually one of the lowest I've ever got at the surgery.

So now I've got to decide whether to get the prescription for the steroids, how long to wait and see for etc. However, she seems to have frightened the nasty chesty cough out of me for now though which is a bonus!


In the past I would get the prescription filled so I had the meds at home if I needed them.

Hope u feel better soon. Xx


Thanks Angelica. Think this is the worst cough I've ever had, but on the up side my chest isn't as bad as it was. Can't really see the point of getting the steroids based on that, so hoping that whatever gunk is in my chest causing this cough goes away on its own.


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