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do my vocal cords have a memory of their own?!

Yup i know it sounds like a completely bonkers question but...

Its now been three weeks since my last intubation and though i am able to sing many pieces in much the same way i did a month ago i can no longer learn to correctly sing any new songs that i didnt know previously. Hence my question...

Any of you singing folks got any ideas? Thanks!

Rose xx

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I'm not a singer, but the term 'muscle memory' leaps to mind!



I do sing but don't know enough about the mechanics of it.

However, am wondering if somehow the stroke has temporarily disrupted motor learning related to your vocal cords? This is just a wild theory, I have no idea if it's plausible or if I would be completely lynched by neurologists/neuroscientists for even suggesting it, but I can't think of why the intubation would mean you could still sing but not learn new pieces, so am wondering if the brain is involved somehow given it's had a bit of a hit recently? You'll perhaps know more but it obviously doesn't mean it will always be the case - you might well find it comes back as you recover if that is it. Could be worth mentioning to the neuro people though when you finally get to see them and ask if it could be related?


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