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Mould & Asthma We have found out the hard way :0(

Just putting it out there but do you have any mould in your home? We now know that even a little can make you sick.

My daughter has terrible asthma and we have just discovered all about mould the hard way. My husband now has a long term respiratory condition.

So much so we have left our own home and are now in temp accommodation with no personal items for fear of contamination. It's often the toxins that the mould produces that cause the issue , these are invisible, and not just the black stuff you see.

The specialist that alerted our attention to mould and its detrimental effect is trying to start a campaign to call for government action.

Read the world heath organisation on damp and mould, free online, World Health DOc

Then if you agree vote for the campaign to be taken seriously


All the best, and no I am not a spammer, just a really passionate mother trying to stop others suffer like we have. all questions answered.

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how can you tell if invisible mould is causing a problem?


If you can, then always look for a home that's well ventilated (vents in windows that can be closed when needed, fans/vents in rooms that are likely to get humid and get affected by mould such as bathrooms and kitchens). It makes a difference to everyone's health in general, not just asthmatics :)


If you own your own house it is up to the owner to sort the problem.

However if you are in rented accommodation you should ask your landlord be it private, or social housing. They have a duty of care to sort it.

Not quite sure what your campaign is aiming for?

Also it is up to the occupier of the home to ensure that they keep it well ventilated.... even a new house with modern ventilation can go mouldy if the damp is not kept down.

I live in a 40 yr old bungalow ( flat roofed) and through care I am able to keep the damp down to a minimum and clean off any spot of mould that does appear.

I have an allergy to Aspergillus niger, the black mould so I do understand the importance.

Toxins? do you mean the fungal spores that come from the mould when it reproduces?



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