Should I go to the doctor?


Thomas has been using his blue inhaler every day for over a week now to relieve the cough. We are using 4-6 puffs of ventolin each time and that seems to stop the coughing for a couple of hours. I am just wondering if I should be getting him checked over as we don't usually have to use the blue inhaler every day like this. He is still taking his seretide, Nedocromil, flixonase and montelukast and doesn't seem overly wheezy which is when I would usually get him checked over. The cough seems to be something new he hardly ever used to cough until Christmas so feel unsure what I should be doing.



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  • Hi

    If I were you I would definately go but if you are unsure why not give the Adviceline a call they are really helpful. Good luck

  • Thanks for the reply I think I am going to ask for a phone call from the GP. Just find it hard knowing what to do as know some GPs don't consider cough to be an asthma symptom. It's how mine is and one doctor told me I was having panic attacks so worried they may brush off Thomas's cough as something else.

  • Good luck at the GP appointment. I hope Thomas starts to feel better soon.

  • Well I took Thomas to the GP he listened to his chest and as it sounded clear and typically he didn't even wheeze or cough while I was there, he had been asleep for an hour and was still asleep in my arms when I walked in for the appointment. I got told to just carry on with the blue inhaler making sure I give it 5 minutes before I give the brown one... He doesn't even have a brown one haha he has purple, yellow and nasal spray! We had to see the doctor on call as there were no appointments left so I said I wanted him checked over so they have me an emergency one. So now I still have a child who is coughing and wheezing, I'm giving him the blue inhaler all though the day this has been going on now for almost 2 weeks, I've even upped the seretide dose and that hasn't made much difference he's still so up and down.

    I guess I just have to carry on giving the ventolin as no other option the GP wouldn't give steroids :(

    Jenny x

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