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New to forum, just saying hello!

Hi, although I've been asthmatic since I was a mere babe in arms my asthma has, for the last 18 years, been well controlled. However, in November I was diagnosed with pneumonia which has kicked off my asthma big time. I have been on steroids on and off since Nov and recently saw Consultant who has left me on them for 2 months,every time they stop I have another exacerbation. Indeed my Consultant is slightly concerned as to what is going on. Ihave had a load of bloods done and I am keeping a food diary. I have noticed that spicy foods and dairy do seem to be affecting my chest, just wondered if anyone else had any advice? This is all very new to me! I am extremely frusutrated as my asthma is stopping me doing my day to day activities, I am struggling big time and can't do anything without puffing on the old Ventolin (something I did very infrequently before.) Any comments or advice would be gratefully received.

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I'm relatively new to this too, like you I have gone 18 years without an attack, then all of a sudden boom severe asthma attack, now I experience severe symptoms everyday and fight infections constantly.

Are these food triggers new? Because I developed a sulphite allergy, it's very odd when that happens because you were fine before lol

But everyone on here is in the same boat and have asthma in common, which is really helpful :)

Keep smiling :)




I'm new with asthma too but I do know from research that it is definitely possible for your asthma to be triggered by certain foods and food types. I'm pretty sure this site has some information on food triggers as I learnt from one of the leaflets but I'm sure your GP would be happy to help you work out if food triggers your asthma and what types of food. I don't think food triggers are as uncommon as some people think so it would be good for you to find out with some professional help :)

Hope you feel better soon :)


If you are noticing a correlation with what you eat, you might want to ask the doctor/resp.consultant who is supervising your asthma care about gastro-esophigal reflux disease (GERD).

In some asthmatics, stomach acids bubbling up through the esophagus can complicate asthma. There's a shared nerve (the vagus nerve) between the esophagus and trachea so that what irritates one can irritate the other. Also sometimes people accidentally inhale acid which can cause infections and lung irritation, and even more serious damage.

In some people this can happen even without obvious GI symptoms like heart burn or actually feeling something come up the esophagus.

Spicy foods are known to aggravate GERD. I would imagine a slight lactose intolerance (lactose is in most dairy products) could also cause stomach irritation and maybe aggravate GERD?

The treatment is normally very simple (a pill), so it pays to investigate this possibility.



Welcome to the board. I'm new too (not to asthma though) and have been made to feel very welcome and have had some good advice/help and support already.

Sorry to hear your asthma is playing up and hope you gain control soon so you can get back to normal life/activities.

I have a lot of food issues involved with my asthma so it could be possible that something you eat is a trigger.

I went on a food exclusion diet under the hospital and that was realy helpful for me in identifying some of my triggers x


Thank you to everyone who offered up advice. I'm keeping a food diary and am back at Consultant soon. I shall keep you posted. Thanks for making me feel welcome!


Sorry im a bit late to this post lol. Welcome to the forums!

As you may have gathered many of us on these forums have experienced a sudden worsening of previously mild asthma. Its always very annpying frustrating and difficult to cope with when this happens but ive found great support on these forums.

I jave tead various articles that note dairy products as being a frequent asthma trigger at any rate in the case of food yriggers. And as Beth said many people suffer from gerd without any particular symptoms and dpicy foods would definately irritate things if this be the case.

Hoping you feel better soon.

Rose xx


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