Qvar question

Qvar question

When I went to the chemist to collect my prescription of Qvar last week the pharmacist took me aside and asked me to come into another room - and asked me if I knew that Qvar is a steroid and how do I use it and how often do I use it ! I was most taken aback and wondered if anyone else has had this experience ?

I am on tons of other medications for diabetes, osteoporosis and a heart defect and have been on those for several years but the pharmacist has never asked me about those medications !

Btw, I'm new here. I'm not sure I've got proper asthma - I have been diagnosed with ""small airways disease"" - chest x-ray showed hyperinflated lungfields and CT scan showed a pattern typical of small airways disease and air trapping which the respiratory consultant said was not due to COPD and was a ""sort of asthma"". I've been using Qvar 100 2 puffs twice a day for the past two months and that has relieved the cough I had been getting.


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  • Hi :)

    I'm on Quvar too, my pharmacist did the same, I think it's jut precautionary, as steriods are addictive and you can overdose on them.

    Keep smiling


  • i'm on Qvar as well but have never had that experience. Although that could be because my brother often collects my prescriptions for me - i can't remember when i actually last collected my own meds but i do know that has never happened to me

  • I've had this before when I was on Qvar (its the brown steroid inhaler isn't it? its been too long since I was last on the ""normal"" steroid and salbutamol inhalers), it was just to make sure I was using it ok, had no nasty side effects, making sure it worked right, etc. my pharmacy reviews were better than my doctors reviews.

  • I know the pharmacists are now doing regular MURs (Medication Use Review) with customers. Maybe they are selecting people on certain medications first. I had an MUR label on my meds in January and the pharmacy discussed all of my meds. Unfortunately, they mustn't log it, as I was approached again in February! I am not on QVAR but on high dose Symbicort and many others meds for asthma.

    BTW Jordan1993 I don't believe steroids are addictive :-)

  • Thanks for the replies everyone !

    I suppose it might be because the pharmacy are doing reviews, I've heard of those MURs but they didn't ask me about any of my other medications, that's why I thought it strange. They should actually have picked up that I have osteoporosis and that Qvar can lead to bone thinning and calcium loss - after prolonged use - the pharmacist didn't mention that though I certainly mentioned it to the consultant. I'm okay with being on Qvar for the moment as I know its imporatant to resolve the air trapping and inflammation in my lungs.

    I don't believe that Qvar is addictive - it's a glucocorticoid steroid or corticosteroid - are you thinking of anabolic steroids Jordan ?

  • My daughter had a MUR on her prescription (although when I told pharmacist she was only 12 she didn't want to see her!!

    She is on seretide-maybe different pharmacies have targets to meet for different inhalers, who knows these days!!

    Glad to hear Qvar seems to be helping x

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