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When to take my reliever inhaler?

Hi guys, I've haven't been properly diagnosed yet (finding out tomorrow) but the nurse said it was very highly likely that I have asthma and gave me a reliever inhaler to use between my appointments. I'm a bit confused right now because I'm sitting in class and my chest and breathing is quite uncomfortable but still tolerable. I already took the inhaler about 3 hours ago when I had worse symptoms due to exercise, but I'm not sure whether I should use the inhaler again this quickly as the leaflet says to wait at least 4 hours... :S

Also, is it normal to find that the relieving effects of the inhaler are wearing off after a couple hours?

Would really appreciate any help you guys could give me :)

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If you are using sambutamol (also known as ventolin) - usually in a blue inhaler - then two puff should last 4-6 hours. If it

isn't lasting that long, I would call in for advice.

I would not use more than prescribed without medical advice. Nor would I just ignore it and ""sweat it out"".

The nurse/GP may tell you to use more puffs or they may want someone to check you out in person. A lot depends on your personal history, your experience with asthma, the intensity of your symptoms, and numerous other factors.

Hope you feel better soon.


Okay, thanks for the help :)


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