I have a mains compressor nebuliser on loan from the hospital and for the past 3 years have also been using the omron micro air when out and also when I don't want to keep the familu awake. Recently I have found that it has started leaking, despite changing the mesh in September. I'm not sure whether to replace it and was considering the respironics micro elite. I can't seem to find any info on the noise level and as I would use it at night this is important. Does anyone know how noisy it is?

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  • the micro elite is noisy as it works on a compressor similar to the mains one . its great for using it one nebuliser at a time but kinda struggles if you need two or more... hope this helps.

  • For my part I wouldn't be without my Omron Microair. It's so brilliant for using at night or at work when I really don't want to advertise that I am using my neb. For a portable the noise issue is what makes me stick with it. I haven't tried all that many others but as far as I can recall from the research I did the microair is the quietest. My problem with it is that I don't have a mains lead.....and it does eat batteries!

  • I LOVE my Omron micro air! Its fab on so many levels, and the quietness is amazing :) Feejay did you know you can get a mains lead for it? I use a mains lead at home and keep the batteries for when Im out, otherwise its like a hungry hippo... lol

    Lynda :)

  • I had heard that you could get a mains lead....I never seem to sort myself out with the time to actually look for and order one! Maybe I'll head off into cyber land and go look :)

  • Valj, the micro elite's noise level is 60dBA so isn't as quiet as Gussypoo mentioned.

    Feejay, also as it uses AA batteries, could get an in car/usb/.... charger set with rechargeable batteries.

  • Thanks everyone that is so helpful. It seems like it is actually noisier than the porta neb I have from the hospital. I think I will definitely stick with my microair and try to sort out the leaking issue.

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