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Aching jaws. Anyone else?


This is the second time I've been on pred because of a flareup associated with a cold (both this winter). Both times after a couple of doses I've had this weird jaw thing going on like I've been tensing my jaws without realising it and then my jaw muscles start aching like hell. I've no idea whether this is an rather odd side effect of the pred or I've been tensing because of the breathlessness and it's just a conincidence that I've only had this whilst on pred. Just wondering if anyone else gets this as its annoying rather than something I feel the need to go to the DR with.

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I think i sometimes get this. I think for me anyway it is more to do with using jaw muscles in a certain weird way to help me breathe when im finding things difficult. Pred can affect muscles though i dont think it often does for people just on short bursts. Also ventolin/nebs often give me muscle cramps and this can be in some very strange muscles!

Hope you feel better soon.

Rose xx


I get this with pred, although have never blamed it on pred as maybe it's just because i might be tense when i'm struggling with breathing. If i have a 40mg or higher dose, i find i clench my jaw and possibly grind my teeth while i'm asleep (don't really know as i'm asleep). when i wake up, my teeth ache and my jaw too.


Well I'm glad it's not just me then - not that I'm wishing aching jaws on anyone, but you know what I mean. But if others get it too then it means I'm not completely bonkers. Of course, there is no way of knowing whether its a rather odd side effect of the pred or a consequence of the reason for needing the pred in the first place.


I find that especially on higher doses of pred my jaw will lock and i cant open my mouth very far - again - almost impossible to say if thats due to pred or generaly difficulty breathing but i deffo get it less on lower doses and if i end up in A&E and get the one doc that doesnt give steroids to young people i dont get the jaw ache - could be coincidence but i blame the pred!


omg I thought I was a wierdo because I get this really badly when on oral pred! Nice to know Im not alone LOL :)


When my asthma is worsening I also get aching jaws. I have been on daily maintenance pred and don't have the problem then, it only occurs during an exacerbation so I would have said personally that it is due to the use of accessory muscles and altered breathing pattern at that time.....however if you ever have concerns about a symptom it's always best to discuss it with your doctor/nurse.


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